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Bravery or Recklessness? Teen climb transceiver tower to hang flag in honour of Indonesia’s Independence Day

In Uludaya Village, South Sulawesi in Indonesia, a young man ascended a tower to hoist the red and white flag for Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day.

Captured on Instagram, the audacious act, done without safety measures, sparked both admiration and concern online. Maros Police now urge the public to prioritize safety.




INDONESIA: In observance of Indonesia’s Independence Day on August 17th, a customary tradition involves displaying red and white flags throughout the surroundings.

These flags adorn homes, line the streets atop poles, and often sway from one post to another.

However, a few individuals choose to celebrate with a more daring approach.

In Uludaya Village, Maros, South Sulawesi, a young man sporting a black shirt embarked on a daring mission to ascend a tower and hoist the red and white flag in honour of Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day.

A video shared on the Instagram account @maros.informasi on 10 August under the caption “Don’t copy it, it’s dangerous” depicts the young man’s effortless ascent, accomplished with mere sandals and a cigarette, and notably without any safety harness.

After securing the flag atop of what seems to be a tower base transceiver station (BTS), he descended safely.

This audacious feat stirred a range of reactions among online users.

Many expressed their admiration for his courage.

“Truly impressive,” lauded user j****.


netizen comment on Instagram

“Bravery personified,” acknowledged user p****.


netizen comment on Instagram

Others noted that their own legs trembled just witnessing the climb.

“I’m quaking just watching him climb,” shared user m***.


netizen comment on Instagram

Upon viewing the video of the daring tower climb, Maros Police has initiated efforts to locate and address both the individual who climbed the tower and the person who filmed the incident.

“While there are numerous ways to raise the flag respectfully, it’s essential to prioritize safety. Impatience often drives people towards rash decisions, but it’s vital not to emulate such actions. They jeopardize personal safety and create unnecessary concerns for others,” cautioned Maros Deputy Chief of Police, Kompol Alamsyah, as reported by local media.

Alamsyah appealed to the public to refrain from replicating the hazardous act of ascending towers to raise flags without proper safety measures.

This act endangers the individual and disrupts the peace of others.

Maros Police clarified that, as of now, they have not received any reports or grievances from the public regarding the young man’s tower-climbing endeavor.

Alamsyah stated, “No official complaints or reports have reached us. We were informed by colleagues, and our primary concern is to dissuade such actions due to their inherent danger.”

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