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Indonesian migrant worker reportedly suffers medical negligence in Poland: Family pursues legal redress

A Bali migrant worker, Agus Listyaningsih, allegedly a victim of medical malpractice in Poland, prompts a legal investigation and social media campaign for justice and repatriation.



INDONESIA – In a troubling incident, an Indonesian migrant worker (PMI) named Agus Listyaningsih, hailing from Bali, has allegedly fallen prey to medical malpractice during a tonsil surgery in Poland. The case has now escalated into a legal battle.

The incident came to light when a video began circulating on TikTok, subsequently finding its way to Instagram through the account of well-known lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea, @hotmanparisofficial.

In the video, Agus’s sibling recounted that the surgery, which took place on February 1, 2023, turned into a nightmare. Shortly after the operation, Agus began vomiting blood and slipped into a coma.

The family member described the distressing sequence of events: “Around 30 minutes after the surgery, my sister was returned to the observation room. Ten to fifteen minutes later, she experienced severe vomiting of blood, followed by convulsions due to the bleeding.”

The Indonesian Embassy (KBRI) in Warsaw responded to the post, stating, “Greetings, Sir/Madam. KBRI in Warsaw has been presented to support Mrs Agus since she fell into a coma on February 2, 2023, ensuring that the hospital provides proper care for Mrs Agus after the coma, monitoring and assisting the ongoing legal process by Mrs Agus’s sibling, Mrs Dewi, including helping to find a pro bono lawyer. KBRI in Warsaw is also in close contact with Mrs Dewi for any communication needs with the hospital or other relevant parties in Poland. On Friday, August 4, 2023, KBRI in Warsaw also visited Mrs Agus and coordinated further with Mrs Dewi and the hospital.”

Netizens also provided varied comments. Some wrote encouraging words accompanied by prayers, and some even shared links for fundraising efforts.

“Greetings to the Minister of Foreign Affairs. Please also pay attention to the fate of Indonesian employees at Indonesian Embassies (local staff) anywhere… their rights…” commented user @pisce***.

“Greetings, bro @hotmanparisofficial. For now, there’s an official fundraising link at: Thank you to the entire Indonesian community for your concern. Warm regards from Poland,” wrote user @soveati**.

This incident not only resulted in Agus Listyaningsih’s brain being affected, leaving her in an extremely impaired state comparable to that of an infant, but it also led to a financial quagmire.

The medical team in Poland suggested repatriation to Indonesia due to the gravity of Agus’s condition, but financial constraints have hindered this process.

Agus’s child, Octa, using the Instagram handle @octaasw, has taken to social media in a desperate plea for assistance.

Octa has confirmed that her mother is a legally employed Indonesian migrant worker and has sought help from a variety of sources, including local government authorities in Bali.

Octa expressed hope that the widespread attention garnered through Hotman Paris’ Instagram account could potentially aid in bringing her mother back to Indonesia. “I’m not asking for much, just for my mother to come back to Indonesia,” Octa earnestly conveyed.

The Indonesian Ministry of Foreign Affairs (Kemenlu) has stepped in to provide legal assistance to Agus Listyaningsih. Judha Nugraha, Director of the WNI Protection Directorate at KBRI in Warsaw, confirmed that Agus experienced complications during the tonsil surgery.

KBRI in Warsaw has been supporting Agus’s family throughout this ordeal. Nugraha has confirmed that legal proceedings are now in the investigative phase under the oversight of the Polish Prosecution Office.

“KBRI (Warsaw) is providing legal assistance to AL’s family representatives in filing a lawsuit against the hospital for alleged medical malpractice in Agus’s tonsil surgery,” Judha wrote in his official statement, Tuesday (8 Aug).

He further mentioned that Agus Listyaningsih is presently undergoing treatment at Bydgoszcz Hospital. The medical expenses have accumulated to around Rp 3.7 billion ($243,000) and are being covered by insurance. KBRI Warsawa is diligently monitoring Agus’s condition to ensure the best possible care.

This incident underscores the difficulties encountered by migrant workers seeking quality healthcare abroad and emphasizes the significance of diplomatic support and collaboration during times of crisis.

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