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Abandoned week-old baby girl found crying in bag at bus stop in South Sulawesi

In a poignant incident, a baby girl was found abandoned at Kalibone Bus stop, Pangkep Regency in Indonesia. Suspected financial constraints led to her abandonment, as conveyed in a letter. The local community and authorities are rallying to ensure her well-being and the investigation progresses.




INDONESIA: A week-old baby girl was discovered at the Kalibone Bus stop in Pangkep Regency, South Sulawesi, in an incident that has drawn attention.

It is believed that the child was left at the location due to financial constraints faced by her parents, as indicated in a letter that was also found alongside her.

The infant was found on Sunday (6 Aug), at the Kalibone bus stop by two local residents named Nursanti and Mirda.

According to reports from local media, Mukhlis, the Head of Minasatene Police, shared that the residents were taking a break at the bus stop following their journey from Makassar to Pangkep.

During their rest, they were startled by the sound of a baby crying emanating from a black bag.

The discovery of the baby at the bus stop gained attention after Mitha Msi posted about it on her Facebook account.

Her post included a heartfelt caption that read, “A baby found in a bag at the Kalibone bus stop. Who could ever abandon you, dear child? Hopefully, destiny holds a bright future for you. May you grow up in love and righteousness with your new family.”

Accompanying the post were images of the letters left behind by the baby’s birth parents.

One of the letters was addressed to whoever discovered the baby, requesting that they ensure the child is placed in the care of individuals who long for parenthood.


notes that was left along with the baby (Photo: Facebook/Mitha Msi)

The birth parents also penned a letter directly to the baby, named Viona, expressing regret that their financial circumstances made it impossible for them to raise her, though their love for her was unwavering.


Apology notes for the baby from her parents (Photo: Facebook/Mitha Msi)

The local authorities have taken over the case and are currently investigating the situation.

The baby has been taken into the custody of witness Nursanti, who, along with Minasatene Police personnel, transported her to the emergency room at Batara Siang Hospital for necessary medical attention and care.

In a related report, The National Population and Family Planning Board (BKKBN), which supervises Indonesia’s family planning initiatives, noted in 2020 a significant decline in contraceptive use.

They reported a 10% increase in individuals struggling to access birth control. This could result in a spike in unplanned pregnancies, with estimates suggesting an increase of up to 30% or more than 800,000 pregnancies within a few months.

The decline in contraceptive use has spanned across methods, with implants down by 40% and vasectomies plummeting by 90%.

BKKBN’s chief, Mr. Hasto Wardoyo, shared with The Straits Times that the pandemic has restricted access to contraception.

He highlighted that many clinics have ceased operations, and those remaining are operating at a limited capacity. This limitation particularly affects low-income individuals who rely on BKKBN for free contraceptives.

Wardoyo stressed the implications of this absence, leading to unwanted pregnancies which can adversely affect both the mother’s mental health and the child’s development.

With the ongoing pandemic making it harder to access healthcare services, he emphasized, “It’s better for couples to use contraceptive methods now.”

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