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Watch the first episode of the Singaporean version of ‘Tom & Jerry’ where they spar over durians

The Tom & Jerry Singapore version debuted on 7 August, following Warner Bros Discovery’s announcement on 26 July about the series set in Singapore. The episode, titled “What’s That Smell,” runs for 3 minutes and 46 seconds, opening with a recognizable view of Singapore city. In it, Tom savors durians in his apartment, while Jerry, not a fan of the aroma, attempts to dispose of them. Infused with Asian elements, the episode is available on YouTube, Cartoon Network, and HBO Go.



SINGAPORE: Singapore takes the animated spotlight! Released on 7 Aug, the iconic duo, Tom & Jerry, explores the Lion City in their latest escapade.

Announced with much fanfare by Warner Bros Discovery on 26 July, the series promises a fresh Singaporean twist. The inaugural episode, intriguingly titled “What’s That Smell,” spans a crisp 3 minutes and 46 seconds.

And for those missing home or just lovers of the city, the opening shots beautifully showcase the unmistakable skyline of Singapore.

The scene shifts to Tom and Jerry’s residence, an apartment reflecting the modern urban living prevalent in Singapore’s high-rise-dominated population.

Scene changes to Tom’s bed with his name on it, placed beside what seems to be a rattan basket filled with durians.

He joyfully savours the fruit, as the scent of the king of fruits travels across the room, reaching Jerry, who is doing yoga on the shelf.

Jerry, who is not a fan of the smell, makes multiple attempts to get rid of the durians, while Tom valiantly strives to rescue his cherished delicacy.

The iconic cartoon duo then starts to chase each other, just like any other Tom & Jerry series.

By the end of the episode, Tom accidentally smears Jerry with the durian flesh, and Jerry dramatically passes out before tasting the fruits.

The mouse then comes to realise that durians actually taste good.

The episode ends with Tom sharing his durian with Jerry.

According to the producers at Warner Bros Discovery, this series will reintroduce the iconic music and animation style reminiscent of the 1950s.

They added that the humour of Tom & Jerry transcends all audiences. With the Singapore edition, Asian enthusiasts can now embrace a version uniquely tailored for them.

Other than durians, the series also showcases other Asian details in the episode, such as the fortune cat, plates with designs, and a teapot with cups displayed on the shelf.

The series is available on YouTube, as well as six shorts on Cartoon Network and HBO Go.

Many commented on the visuals, noting that they appeared different and inauthentic compared to the version they cherished in their childhood.

Some remarked that Tom resembles Doraemon, a well-known Japanese manga character. There were also comments suggesting that this edition seems counterfeit, almost like a pirated version.

While some netizens expressed a preference for the older version, others hope that the new series will incorporate more iconic elements of Singaporean daily life, such as community cats and the Housing & Development Board (HDB) flats.

One netizen expressed a desire to see Tom and Jerry indulge in local street food favorites like prata and nasi lemak. Some even questioned if the producers were hesitant to depict HDB flats in the series.

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