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Malaysian police chase suspect in Kepong Road shooting incident

Malaysian authorities actively pursue a suspect tied to a shooting on Kepong Road, Kuala Lumpur.

A viral video of police firing at a fleeing Proton Wira has raised questions. The Chief of KL Police revealed details of the incident and ongoing investigation.



MALAYSIA: The Malaysian Police are hunting a man believed to be involved in a shooting incident that occurred on Monday (7 Aug) morning, where two men were shot on Kepong Road, Kuala Lumpur.

Earlier, a video depicting the shooting incident went viral on social media, causing questions among road users.

In the video, three police officers can be observed discharging their firearms at a Proton Wira, a Malaysian-brand vehicle, which seemed to be attempting to flee amidst heavy traffic congestion.

Police officers fired nine shots

During a press conference, Datuk Mohd. Shuhaily Mohd. Zain, the Chief of Kuala Lumpur Police, detailed that the incident transpired from the Segambut Bypass, through Taman Pusat Kepong, to Laman Rimbunan on Kepong Road, spanning approximately two kilometers.

The individual at the center of the investigation has been identified as Ganeshan Olakanathan, aged 40, and is believed to have pertinent information aiding in the pursuit of the two suspects who successfully evaded capture.

At around 7:45 am, members of the Motorcycle Patrol Unit (URB) encountered a suspicious Proton Wira while on patrol.

“The police officers tried to stop the vehicle, but the suspect fled before colliding with a public vehicle after being caught in traffic congestion.

“The suspect then reversed the car and collided with URB officers, causing injuries.

“To defend themselves, two URB officers fired nine shots towards the suspect’s car tires, causing it to veer off the road,” he said at a press conference at the Kuala Lumpur Police Contingent Headquarters on Monday.

According to him, both identified suspects fled to a nearby residential area and are currently the subject of a police pursuit.

Expanding on the matter, Mohd. Shuhaily expounded that the investigation revealed the car to be registered under a woman’s name, who had lent her vehicle to a man.

“While no items indicative of criminal activity were discovered within the car, stolen scrap metal was found in the vehicle.”

“At present, Ganeshan’s potential involvement remains uncertain, pending the receipt of forensic results. Nonetheless, it is pertinent to note that this individual possesses a criminal record involving 11 instances related to both criminal activity and narcotics,” Mohd. Shuhaily elaborated.

“At this juncture, multiple civilian vehicles have sustained damage due to collisions with the suspect’s vehicle. However, no formal complaints regarding damage incurred from the discharged shots have been reported,” he added.

The case is presently under investigation according to Sections 307/353 of the Penal Code.

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