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Hilarious laundry mishap goes viral: Zara shirt turns pure white after overzealous cleaning

Laundry Mishap Goes Viral: A Zara shirt transforms from tie-dye to pure white after an enthusiastic laundry attempt.

Jeffrys’ TikTok video captures the hilarious incident, attracting eight million views and mixed reactions from netizens. Jeffrys clarifies he didn’t seek replacements from the laundry staff in a follow-up video.




INDONESIA: In the fast-paced world of today, the chore of washing clothes can prove to be quite exhausting for those leading busy lives.

Opting for laundry services to handle the task of washing and ironing garments has become a common choice for many individuals.

Jeffrys, an avid TikTok user with the handle @jeffrys, found himself in a humorous predicament due to an enthusiastic laundress.

Sharing a light-hearted incident, Jeffrys uploaded a video on Friday (4 Aug) via his TikTok account, showcasing his Zara tie-dye patterned shirt’s transformation from vibrant to pure white after an overzealous attempt at cleaning by the laundry staff.

The video features a snapshot of the conversation between Jeffrys and the laundry personnel, where a message reads,

“Apologies, but we couldn’t manage to effectively clean the Zara clothing item, assuming it was moldy. We were concerned that the fabric might not withstand the cleaning process.”


In the video footage, Jeffrys humorously exhibits the noticeable color and pattern alterations in his clothing post the unintended laundry adventure.

“Mistaking it for mold, it was bleached by the laundry,” he jestingly comments.



Jeffrys’s video garners eight million views, amusing the masses

Amassing a staggering eight million views, the video garnered an array of reactions from amused netizens.

Some viewers found the incident to be highly comical, attributing it to the laundry workers’ exuberance, while some empathized with Jeffrys, recounting similar experiences of their own.

“they ended up pressing my pleated pashmina,” shared a TikToker.

Another TikTok user commiserated, “I can totally relate. I encountered the same situation with a pair of Zara pants. It’s frustrating!”


Some expressed sympathy for the laundry staff

Amid the laughter, there were those who expressed sympathy for the laundry staff who might have found themselves in a panic.

“It’s a bit disheartening when you hear such stories about laundry workers. Most of them may not be familiar with different brands, so they play it safe. Going forward, it’s best to handle your laundry yourself,” empathized one user.

netizen reaction on TikTok.

A comment reflected, “can’t help but feel sorry for the laundry worker, who probably assumed they caused the color loss.”

netizen reaction on TikTok.

In a subsequent video, Jeffrys affirmed his understanding of the situation and clarified that he didn’t request the laundry staff to replace the altered clothing.


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