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Sichuan’s police officers’ heartwarming night shift with adorable owl chicks captivates netizens

Dedicated Yibin Police officers in Sichuan, China garnered admiration for their night shift with five endearing owl chicks.

The heartwarming scene, where the chicks lined up on a computer screen, captivated netizens and sparked a vibrant online conversation.



CHINA: Dedicated police officers on duty at the Yibin (宜宾) Police Station in Sichuan Province have earned admiration from netizens.

They were not alone during their overnight shifts; rather, they were accompanied by five adorable owl chicks, a heartwarming sight that captured the attention of many.

A video circulating on Chinese social media showcases these five owl chicks standing in a neat row on a computer screen, keeping the police officers company as they diligently worked late into the night.

The heartwarming scene sparked a lively and engaging online discussion.

The origin of this endearing encounter dates back to a resident named Mr. Wang in Caibazhen (菜坝镇).

As he was preparing to take a bath, an unexpected surprise awaited him. Upon activating the exhaust fan of his bathroom heater, he was greeted by a chorus of “cuckoo, cuckoo, cuckoo” sounds emanating from above.

Responding to this unusual occurrence, Mr. Wang decided to investigate further.

Upon lifting the suspended ceiling, he stumbled upon a surprising discovery – five owl nestlings nestled within the exhaust duct of the bathroom heater. Recognizing the need for assistance, he promptly reached out for help.

In response to Mr. Wang’s call, the duty officer from the Caiba Police Outpost swiftly assembled a team and proceeded to Mr. Wang’s residence.

Their mission was twofold: to ensure the safety of the young owl chicks and to provide them with the care they required.

These officers, understanding the delicate nature of the situation, brought the five adorable “cuties” to the police outpost, where they would receive vigilant care.

Owls enjoy second-level protected status in China

Recognizing the significance of their find and the need for specialized attention, the police officers promptly sought the expertise of the wildlife conservation station.

Upon closer examination and evaluation by wildlife conservation experts, it was confirmed that these owl nestlings belonged to the Strigidae family, a group of animals that enjoy second-level protection status in China’s tiered wildlife protection system.

China’s wildlife protection framework operates on a dual-tier basis. The first tier is dedicated to safeguarding endangered species, while the second tier focuses on providing protection to rare and threatened species.

Following thorough assessment and care, the five owl nestlings found on 30 May of this year were entrusted to the wildlife conservation station.

Weibo users share their envy and fondness for these charming owl chicks

In response to the video on Weibo, Chinese netizens expressed a mix of jealousy and affection for these adorable owl chicks.

Some found amusement in the owls’ companionship with the police officers during their overnight duty, while others playfully suggested that the Chinese police might have hired the owl chicks as a unique form of “surveillance” at the station.

One netizen commented, “They’re so cute standing in a row!”

Another comment playfully ridiculed the situation, suggesting that the police station had installed an “eagle-eye surveillance” system, to which someone responded with a humorous twist, mentioning a “cat-eye camera.”

Drawing a connection to the magical world of Harry Potter, another Weibo user humorously asked, “Are the police officers wizards? Are they each assigned an owl?”

“Very cute, the five of them standing in a row, keeping the police officers company during their shift.

“They’re so adorable, it’s like they’re standing at attention, waiting for their tasks to be assigned.”


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