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Chef Wan, renowned Malaysian chef diagnosed with Lymphoma, faces treatment with positivity and supportive netizen messages

Malaysian celebrity chef Datuk Redzuawan bin Ismail, popularly known as Chef Wan, bravely revealed his recent diagnosis with Lymphoma.

His positive spirit shines as he faces 13 rounds of chemotherapy, inspiring an outpouring of support from netizens who laud his courage and share their own journeys.



MALAYSIA: Datuk Redzuawan bin Ismail, widely recognized as Chef Wan, a renowned Malaysian celebrity chef, has recently disclosed his diagnosis of Lymphoma, a form of cancer originating in the immune system’s infection-fighting cells.

During a routine health examination, a doctor identified enlarged lymph nodes, a revelation Chef Wan shared in an Instagram post on Thursday (3 Aug).

In his post, he mentioned that the doctors had to conduct his biopsy twice to ensure the accuracy of the results. Eventually, it was confirmed that he does have Lymphoma Cancer.

Following this, he promptly scheduled an appointment with his Oncologist to determine the stage of the cancer and assess if it has spread to other organs.

He revealed that he is due to undergo a total of 13 cycles of chemotherapy, which may lead to side effects like hair loss, vomiting, and diarrhea.

Despite the gravity of the news, Chef Wan remarkably maintains his characteristic optimism, even jesting about sporting an array of fabulous wigs during his treatment.

He humorously remarked, “I’ll get to experience the Linda Blair famous vomit scene from the movie Exorcist, and even endless diarrhea,” in his post.

Chef Wan disclosed that while his daughter and son-in-law were initially overwhelmed and emotional upon learning of his condition, he remains resolute in his faith and assured them of his well-being.

In his words, “…I accept all my challenges with an open heart and great courage…” and, “I needed to be strong and get well, as I need to look after so many people.”

By the end of his Instagram post, he expressed gratitude for all the prayers and well wishes he received, reassuring everyone that they need not worry, as they will face this challenge together, with the hope of inspiring and assisting others in the future as well.

Outpouring of support from netizens

Chef Wan’s social media comments section has been inundated with heartwarming messages and words of encouragement. Countless individuals have conveyed sympathy for his situation while lauding his resilience and positive mindset.

A user commented that he was moved and inspired by the courage and openness exuded by Chef Wan upon the shocking discovery of his health condition.

“You are a strong person and that is 50% of the battle won,” one user stated.

Numerous others shared their personal journeys of triumph over cancer, with one individual disclosing their own recovery from a similar circumstance.

Their shared experiences foster a sense of solidarity and bolster Chef Wan’s determination.


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