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Several youths arrested following disruptive altercation at Ampang eatery, Kuala Lumpur

Seven individuals, spanning from teenagers to individuals in their twenties, were apprehended following their involvement in a disruptive restaurant brawl at Ampang, Kuala Lumpur.

The fight stemmed from misunderstandings among motorcycle groups and escalated due to social media taunts.



SELANGOR, MALAYSIA: Seven individuals, ranging in age from teenagers to their twenties, were apprehended following a significant altercation that erupted at a restaurant in Pandan Indah, Ampang on Tuesday (1 Aug).

According to the police chief of Selangor Datuk Hussein Omar Khan, they were arrested on the same day to assist in the investigation.

The altercation stemmed from a misunderstanding among motorcycle groups, which escalated after the exchange of sarcastic and derogatory remarks on social media.

During a press conference held on Wednesday, he revealed that the case is currently under investigation according to Section 148 of the Penal Code.

The incident, captured in a 30-second video that went viral on Facebook, depicts more than 10 men engaging in physical altercations – punching, kicking, and even hurling chairs at each other.

In the video, bystanders can be observed vacating the area, while some opted to remain, capturing the unfolding events on their mobile devices.

Netizens took the chance to joke along

Despite the serious situation, the owner of the video jokingly captioned, “Ampang’s boys fight. The fight broke out because someone farted and no one wants to admit it.”

A witty comment read, “An inventive approach to dine and dash.”

Another online user humorously observed, “Is there a reason why shirts always have to come off during fights? Is this a prerequisite for a brawl or just a coincidence?”

The lighthearted banter continued with a netizen jesting, “Typically, a cake-wielding individual singing ‘Happy Birthday’ would emerge from the fray. Do we have the uncut version?”

Amidst the playful exchanges, some users inquired, “Is this the set of a new action movie?” and “Take it easy, folks. It’s all just theater.”

Expressing empathy for the establishment’s owner, a concerned commentator remarked, “Hopefully, they didn’t leave without settling the bill.”

As of Thursday, the video has garnered an impressive 24,000 reactions, 12,000 comments, and an astounding 2.2 million views.

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