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Flung microphone from Cardi B Concert morphs into high-profile charity auction

An electrifying twist unfolds as an alleged microphone, thrown into the crowd at Cardi B’s concert, takes center stage in a high-profile charity auction.

Listed by audio visionary Scott Fisher on eBay, this remarkable artifact embodies altruism, with 100% of proceeds benefiting Friendship Circle Las Vegas and Wounded Warrior Project.




UNITED STATES: A sensational twist to the incident at Cardi B’s concert performance has taken the spotlight as an alleged microphone, flung into the crowd on (29 Jul), now finds itself at the centre of a high-profile charity auction.

Listed on eBay by Scott Fisher, the visionary behind The Wave audio company – acknowledged for providing the iconic microphone for Cardi B’s electrifying stage act – this extraordinary artefact is now up for grabs.

Fisher’s altruism shines as he commits to donating 100% of the auction proceeds to two noble causes – the benevolent Friendship Circle Las Vegas and the transformative Wounded Warrior Project.

Friendship Circle Las Vegas stands tall as a beacon of support, where enthusiastic young volunteers offer their time and care to children, teenagers, and young adults with special needs.

On a parallel front, the Wounded Warrior Project champions the restoration of independence to valiant veterans who have endured severe wounds.

The genesis of this charitable endeavour lies in Fisher’s determination to turn a viral incident into an opportunity for good.

Spurred by the clamour to possess these unique microphones, he resolved to channel the fervour toward a humanitarian cause.


Cardi B’s mic auction (Photo: eBay)

Fisher further detailed, “This is the mic that has been seen all over the country flying into the crowd after Cardi was splashed with some liquid.”

The microphone, a Shure Axient marvel, was rigorously tested and confirmed operational upon its return to The Wave’s audio sanctuary on July 31st.

Bidding fervour has driven the price for this iconic piece of music memorabilia to a staggering $99,900 with an astounding 124 individuals participating in the spirited eBay auction.

Anticipation mounts as the countdown to the auction’s closure looms, set to conclude on the cusp of 8 August.

In a video that has since gone viral, Cardi B, aged 30, can be seen wearing an orange dress during her performance, looking visibly surprised as a drink is unexpectedly thrown in her direction while she performs her hit song “Bodak Yellow” on 29 July.

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department confirmed that an individual reported a battery incident on Sunday (30 Jul), after being struck by an object thrown from the stage during Cardi B’s concert.

Prior to this, some netizens had already accused Cardi of lip-syncing. Others pointed out that during the performance, Cardi B inadvertently tossed her microphone, unaware that the vocal track would continue.

The incident comes as musicians have been speaking out about thrown objects at concerts after Bebe Rexha was seriously hurt in New York City when a fan threw a cell phone at her face in June. He was later arrested.

Since the incident, videos of Harry StylesKelsea BalleriniLil Nas XDrakePink, and more getting hit with items surfaced online.

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