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Malaysian teen accidentally left behind by his family during university enrollment journey

“Please double-check before you set off on your journey”: In an unforeseen twist, a family’s university enrollment trip took a comic turn as their youngest was unintentionally left at a rest stop.

Swiftly rectified with help from his fellow family member, the 20-minute mishap became an unforgettable memory on the road to the university.



MALAYSIA: In an amusing twist of events, a family’s journey to enroll their youngest member in a university took an unexpected turn when they accidentally left him behind at a rest stop.

Traditionally, the departure of a child for university is met with a blend of excitement and anxiety by parents.

Many shed tears as they watch their offspring take their first steps into independence, facing the prospect of an extended period away from the comforts of home.

However, the tale of this particular family took an unforeseen and comical route, as their eagerness to bid their youngster adieu proved to be a bit overenthusiastic.

The whimsical narrative was recounted by the teen’s brother on his TikTok handle, @keyrolahcong (31 Jul), captivating audiences far and wide.


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Unintentional solo pit stop

The family’s expedition was aimed at facilitating the teen’s registration at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM) Gambang, nestled in the picturesque city of Kuantan.

As they undertook a pit stop to recharge during their lengthy voyage, little did they know that an amusing twist awaited them.

Mere moments into their onward journey, the mother made a startling realization – their youngest family member was nowhere to be found.

A phone call from the bewildered youngster inquiring about their whereabouts triggered the comical revelation: he had been inadvertently left behind at the rest area.

Amidst the family’s excitement, they had failed to notice his absence during his brief restroom visit.

Swift action was taken to rectify the situation, with the teen’s quick-thinking brother hatching a plan.

A plea for assistance was extended to fellow travelers at the rest area, leading to a fortunate encounter with kind-hearted individuals headed in the same direction.

The prodigal son was soon reunited with his family, with the entire episode lasting a mere 20 minutes.

Laughter and relief filled the air as they came together once again by the roadside, the unexpected turn of events creating a memory that will undoubtedly be retold for years to come.

“Main character left behind”

The video documenting this hilarious escapade has garnered a staggering 2.9 million views, accompanied by a deluge of comments from amused netizens.

Some viewers were quick to joke about the teen’s inadvertent starring role in this captivating tale, quipping that the “main character” had been left behind.

One user humorously remarked, “The main character is left behind.”


netizen comment on TikTok.

Many individuals found themselves relating to the family’s unintentional blunder, sharing their own similar experiences.

One user shared, “Bro same thing happened to me.”


netizen comment on TikTok.

Another user recounted their own mishap, stating, “Just last night, my brother was left behind. It took us an hour to realize he was missing!”


netizen comment on TikTok.

Amidst the laughter and shared anecdotes, the teen’s brother left viewers with a valuable lesson.

In the video’s caption, he wisely advised, “please double-check before you set off on your journey, or you might find yourself in a similar situation.”

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