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Motorist in Pan Island Expressway chain collision on 30 July appeals for witnesses

A motorist involved in a chain collision on the Pan Island Expressway on July 30, 2023, seeks witnesses to aid the investigation. The accident, allegedly triggered by a silver car’s abrupt manoeuvre, resulted in damage and minor injuries.



SINGAPORE: A motorist involved in a chain collision on the Pan Island Expressway (PIE) towards Changi is appealing for witnesses.

The accident, which occurred on 30 July 2023 between 2pm and 2.15pm, resulted in damage to his vehicle and minor injuries to himself and his daughter.

The driver alleges that a silver car, shifting abruptly from lane 1 to lane 2 before braking sharply and speeding away, triggered the chain collision. This sudden manoeuvre prompted a black BMW to brake abruptly, which in turn was rear-ended by a following Honda Fit. A white Vezel Honda Fit collided with the Honda, completing the chain.

The driver, who was caught in the middle of this collision, is asking anyone who may have seen the silver car involved in the incident or captured it on their vehicle dashcam to come forward.

Additionally, the driver is also seeking the assistance of two gentlemen, both likely under the age of 30, named Bryan or Brian, who were at the scene within minutes of the accident. They offered services related to workshop repair and insurance claims but left upon the arrival of traffic marshals from the Land Transport Authority.

As a result of the chain collision, the driver’s vehicle, caught between two others, sustained significant damage to its front and rear bumpers. The second and third vehicles involved sustained slight damage.

In the accident, the driver suffered minor injuries to his right hand, while his daughter, who was a passenger in the car, sustained a cut on her leg.

A police report of the incident has been lodged, and a dashcam video from the victim’s vehicle has been handed over to the traffic police for further investigation.

The driver is urging anyone with information or dashcam footage to come forward to aid with the investigation and help locate the silver car.

(Individuals can contact us to relay the message to the driver or email us at [email protected])

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If you did not keep to safety distance for braking and knocked on the car in front of you, it only shows poor skills of driving just like the driver behind you.