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Japanese man spends approximately $14,000 to become “human-dog”

Toco, a private citizen from Japan, has achieved his lifelong dream of “becoming an animal” through an astonishing $14,000 collie costume. His heartwarming video, shared on YouTube, depicts him playfully embracing his furry alter ego, captivating thousands worldwide. Despite gaining fame, Toco keeps his passion concealed from loved ones.




JAPAN: In a captivating and unique journey, a private Japanese citizen, known simply as Toco, has fulfilled his lifelong dream of “becoming an animal” by donning an astonishing collie costume.

This extraordinary transformation, which cost him $14,000, has caught the attention of thousands worldwide.

Toco’s remarkable story unfolded through a recorded video, thoughtfully shared on his YouTube channel boasting 40.9 thousand subscribers.

In this heartwarming footage, he exuberantly frolics on a lawn, playfully rolls on the floor, and even demonstrates a spirited game of fetch, all while dressed in his finely crafted canine ensemble.

The captivating journey into Toco’s unique hobby began with an introduction in a video posted last year on 12 June 2022.

In this introspective piece, Toco openly shared his lifelong fascination with the idea of “becoming an animal,” a dream that had been with him since childhood.

“When I fulfilled that dream, this is how it turned out,” he wrote in the video.

Choosing to embody a collie was a conscious decision, driven by the intriguing similarity in size between the breed and humans.

Crafting this extraordinary costume was no ordinary feat.

Zeppet, the visionary company behind the manufacturing, devoted an astounding 40 days to meticulously create this furry fashion marvel.

With an eye-watering price tag of 2 million Yen (USD $14,161), the costume stands as a testament to Toco’s unwavering commitment to his dream.

Toco embarked on a brave adventure, venturing into the public as a dog for the first time as he uploaded the video on 27 June.

The video captures Toco’s heartwarming doggy debut, complete with a harness securely fastened around his furry abdomen.

Despite his undeniable enthusiasm, Toco candidly admitted to feeling “nervous” and “scared” during this extraordinary outing.

In his most recent upload (21 Jul), the heartwarming video showcasing Toco’s walking down the street as a dog has captivated the online community, accumulating a staggering 5.1 million views.


Toco playing on a street. (Photo: Youtube/I want to be an animal)

Passersby marvelled at his dog-like charm as he paraded down a busy street, making a memorable impression on everyone who witnessed the enchanting spectacle.

Despite gaining significant online fame and admiration for his extraordinary journey, Toco chooses to keep his unique passion a well-guarded secret from most of his friends and family.

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