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Five luxurious supercars seized in Johor, Malaysia after viral videos capture reckless overtaking on expressway

In a recent incident, viral videos depicted a convoy of supercars dangerously overtaking other vehicles on the Senai Desaru Expressway (SDE), garnering attention on social media.

In response, Johor police acted swiftly, seizing five of these luxury vehicles for violating road rules with their excessive speeding and hazardous maneuvers.



JOHOR, MALAYSIA: Owning a luxurious sports car doesn’t give you the right to break the road rules, and the police certainly don’t appreciate it.

Recently, several videos circulated on social media showed a convoy of supercars overtaking other vehicles on a single-lane road in Johor, Malaysia.

One of the videos, possibly recorded from a road user’s dashcam, vividly exhibit the supercars recklessly overtaking other vehicles, even with oncoming traffic from the opposite direction.

However, the consequences for these supercar owners were swift. The police promptly seized five luxury sports cars for their reckless speeding and dangerous overtaking.

Johor police chief, Comm Datuk Kamarul Zaman Mamat, revealed that the incident took place on the Senai Desaru Expressway (SDE). The police received a complaint last Saturday (29 Jul) around 10 am, reporting a fleet of supercars dangerously overtaking other vehicles on the SDE.

The vehicles were reportedly heading towards Bandar Penawar from Senai in Kota Tinggi and were seen speeding on the single-track road.

Following identification, all the drivers of these supercars, aged 45 years and above, were summoned to aid in investigations under the Road Transport Act for reckless driving.

“We have seized all five supercars due to their violation of the law,” stated Comm Datuk Kamarul Zaman Mamat. “We are conducting investigations promptly to take the necessary action.”

He emphasized that the drivers came from different parts of Malaysia and reminded them that while they are welcome to visit Johor, they must adhere to discipline and abide by the law, especially regarding road safety.

Datuk Kamarul also highlighted the presence of vigilant individuals always ready to record any wrongdoings and share them on social media.

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