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Malaysian police seek suspect involved in train station molestation and disturbance

Disturbing video of a man attempting to molest a woman at a Kuala Lumpur train station last Friday went viral on social media.

Brave bystanders intervened, pulling the unstable man away. RapidKL is working with police to apprehend the suspect and enhance station security.



MALAYSIA: Last Friday (28 July), a video depicting a distressing incident on a train platform went viral on social media.

In the video, a man was seen entangled with a woman, who was screaming for help.

The man, while struggling with the woman on the floor, was allegedly trying to molest her.

The woman was waiting for a train at the Maluri LRT station at Maluri, Kuala Lumpur, at around 8 am.

A group of men came to her aid and pulled the man, who appeared mentally unstable.

RapidKL, the operator of the train service is working with the police to track down the man at the Maluri LRT station.

RapidKL said auxiliary police on the opposite platform rushed to where the woman was struggling with the suspect.

Members of the public had by then succeeded in prying the man away from the woman.

In a statement, RapidKL said the man, who appeared to be suffering from a mental health disorder, crossed from Platform 1 to Platform 2 and attempted to molest a woman who was waiting for a train there.

The suspect collected his shoes that had come out during the struggle and walked away.

RapidKL said the man then crossed the tracks to another platform and knocked on the door of a train that was stopped at the station before running away.

The victim and several witnesses were brought to a police station to assist in the police investigation.

“Rapid Rail regrets this incident, and immediate action has been taken to increase the number of auxiliary police officers at train stations to enhance security and prevent similar incidents from happening,” RapidKL said.

As per Bernama, the company has been collaborating with the Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) to locate the man involved.

Cheras district police chief ACP Zam Halim Jamaluddin confirmed receiving a report from a 27-year-old woman about the incident on Friday.


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