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TikTok video showcases couple finds happiness in unfurnished new home, inspires warm encouragement from netizens

In a heartwarming TikTok video, a couple embraces their situation despite challenges. Their newly purchased but unfurnished home becomes the setting for a touching moment as they share a meal on the floor, exuding genuine happiness.

Netizens showered them with warm encouragement, emphasizing that a family makes a home, not furniture.



MALAYSIA: Under the fast-paced demands of modern life, many individuals are burdened with various financial pressures, especially those who have entered the realm of marriage and are considering starting a new family.

A heartwarming viral video on TikTok showcases a husband and wife embracing their current situation despite facing various hardships.

In the short video, the couple is seen in their newly purchased home, though they are yet to furnish it with furniture and decorations.

The couple is having a meal together on the floor, using only a piece of black plastic bag as a makeshift mat, and the surroundings of their house appear bare.

However, despite the lack of material possessions, the couple is seen engaging in a happy conversation while enjoying their meal on the floor.


house first furniture later will come slow2..aminnn🤲🏻 #couplemarried #marriedlife

♬ Healing Song – Piano Peace

The TikTok video, possibly uploaded by the husband under the username ‘supersyaf‘, is captioned with “when you only have enough money for the house but none for furniture”.

The husband also implied that they plan to gradually furnish the house after settling in.

A netizen wrote: Some people have plenty of furniture but don’t sit together to eat

The 25-second video has garnered 3.2 million views and over 10,000 comments since it was posted on Tuesday (25th July). Despite the empty living room without any furniture, netizens poured in with warm encouragement in the comment section.

One netizen wrote: “Don’t worry. Some people have plenty of furniture but don’t sit together to eat.”

Another TikToker offered a poignant reminder that furniture does not make a house a home; rather, it’s the people and their loved ones living in it that truly make a family.

TikTokers share their past experiences of staring new family

The couple’s new beginning has inspired some TikTokers to reflect on their own past experiences of starting a family with very little.

A comment reads: “Everyone starts like this… This teaches us to be strong and work even harder.”

However, another TikToker responded, sharing a different perspective based on their own experience.

The TikToker mentioned that some people marry someone who already has everything, and then those individuals talk loudly to the ones who started with nothing, living with their spouse in an empty house like this.

“Not all. Some people marry someone who already has everything… then they come and talk loudly to us, who started with nothing, living with our spouse in an empty house like this.”

“I remember my mother giving all the furniture to my sister because she wanted to buy new ones.”

“In the past, I was like this too. Alhamdulillah, now my house is full of belongings.”

“Same here! We used to eat on the floor too, sometimes I felt sorry seeing my husband lying down on the cement floor without any mats.

“No worries, bro. You have a partner who understands you very well. God bless you, bro.”

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