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Tardy teachers in Bali face unexpected consequence: locked out by students

In a hilarious twist of events, a Bali vocational school becomes the talk of the town as students unleash their creativity in handling tardy teachers.

The internet explodes with laughter as a viral video reveals teachers left stranded outside the school gates, sparking debates on punctuality and fairness in discipline.




INDONESIA: A remarkable incident occurred at SMK Negeri 4 Bangli, a vocational high school in Bali, which caught the attention of netizens. Tardy teachers and staff faced an unexpected consequence in this incident.

Unlike the usual practice where students are punished for being tardy, this time, the roles were reversed.

In a surprising turn of events, students took matters into their own hands when educators arrived late at the school premises.

The students decided to lock the tardy teachers and staff outside the fence until the morning assembly concluded.

The incident, caught on video and shared on TikTok via the account @bohay91830 on Tuesday (25 Jul), instantly went viral.


guru dan staf juga manusia,tempat kami salah tapi bukan sengaja..tidak semua yg bagus kami perlihatkan mengenai sekolah kami dan inilah salah satu pengamalan pancasila untuk membentuk karakter peserta didik yang kami terapkan disekolah,bahwa siapapun yang terlambat harus menghadapi konsekuensinya.maaf atas keterlambatan kehadiran kami,semoga kedisiplinan kedepannya bisa lebih ditingkatkan,sehingga bisa menjadi contoh dan panutan yang baik sebagai tenaga pendidik.#smk #guruterlambat #terlambatsekolah #keadilansosialbagiseluruhrakyatindonesia #pks #osis

♬ Tiara Andini Tega – Sadvibes🥀

In the video, which has since amassed a staggering 16.1 million views and 16.4 thousand comments, several teachers and staff members can be seen locked outside the school gate, as the students aim to maintain an undisturbed morning assembly.

Even minor delays of just one minute led to the educators being subjected to this unique disciplinary action.

Tardy Teacher’s Footage Sparks Diverse Reactions from Netizens

Some netizens applauded the students’ bold stance, emphasizing that rules should be applied universally, regardless of one’s status.

User z**** praised, “good, rules do not recognize status.”


netizen comment on TikTok.

Others used the opportunity to emphasize the importance of discipline among educators.

User b**** commented, “For now, it’s not only the students who have to be really disciplined, but the teachers are also required to be more disciplined than anything else.”

netizen comment on TikTok.

Interestingly, this incident triggered comparisons with the past, where only students were subjected to such punishments.

User m***** remarked, “This is just true. In the past, only students were locked up at school. But I don’t know, maybe the teachers have their own policies inside.”


netizen comment on TikTok.

Nevertheless, amidst the fervent discussions, another perspective emerged.

Some netizens sympathized with the teachers’ delays, acknowledging the responsibilities they carry, including caring for their families.

“It’s only natural if the teachers are running late, considering they have families to attend to. However, for us students, such delays may not be viewed as acceptable.”


netizen comment on TikTok.

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