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Taiwanese woman entrusts 12 years of salary to mother, left with $1,600 instead of $85,066 in savings

In a heartbreaking tale, a Taiwanese woman’s unwavering trust in her mother led her to hand over nearly all her salary for 12 years, aiming to save NT$2.66 million (US$90,000). Devastatingly, she recently discovered a mere NT$50,000 (US$1,600) remaining in her account, leaving her deeply wounded.

Determined to move forward, she has now chosen to take charge of her finances independently, learning from this costly experience.



TAIWAN: A Taiwanese woman’s unwavering trust in her mother led her to hand over almost all her salary for 12 years, hoping to save NT$2.66 million (approximately $85,066).

However, her belief was shattered when she recently discovered a mere NT$50,000 ($1,600) left in her account, leaving her deeply wounded.

Sharing her distressing ordeal anonymously on the Facebook group “Anonymous 2 Community,” the woman highlighted the heartache caused by this betrayal of trust.

Her mother had persuaded her to entrust her salary, assuring her that she would be grateful in the future.

“In the past, because I believed my mother’s words, I entrusted all of my 12 years’ worth of salary, bankbook, and ATM card to her for safekeeping. ”

But on the eve of her wedding, she was devastated to find only NT$50,000 remained, instead of the expected million-dollar savings, leaving her utterly crushed.

“It’s all because of my parents’ belief that children should earn money for their parents, which they consider as a natural obligation.”

The mother frequently inquires about her income

Now, she is married and has children of her own, but her mother frequently inquires about her income, causing her great distress.

She still hesitates to share her income with her mother, fearing financial pressure due to various responsibilities like mortgage, car loans, family expenses, and supporting her two children.

The post’s viral spread on “Anonymous 2 Community” sparked a heated discussion among netizens.

Some were curious about how she managed her living expenses during those 12 years, and she clarified that she lived with her parents before marriage and received only NT$4,500 monthly for meals, fuel, and entertainment.

Upon realizing that her supposed savings had been depleted, she chose not to confront her mother about the missing funds.

However, having learned a costly lesson, she now decided to manage her finances independently.

Elderly woman left devastated as daughter allegedly drains joint bank account of S$130,000 in Singapore

In Singapore, a family ordeal took a distressing turn. A 73-year-old woman was left devastated when she discovered that her daughter allegedly emptied a joint bank account, causing a staggering loss of S$130,000 from her hard-earned savings.

The woman, distressed by the situation, promptly reported the matter to the police. However, the joint account ownership complicated the case, and the authorities advised seeking legal assistance. The woman hesitated to take this step, fearing potential costs.

The daughter reportedly utilized the funds for both her company and personal expenses, leaving her mother with a mere S$200 in the account.

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