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Political analyst predicts BN’s defeat in Terengganu State Election, citing outdated election manifesto as key factor

Barisan Nasional (BN) is expected to secure only a few seats in Terengganu state elections due to its outdated manifesto.

Despite cash-aid promises, the conservative shift and religious focus of voters might hinder their chances of forming the next state government.



MALAYSIA:  Barisan Nasional (BN) at best will win a handful of seats in Muslim-populated Terengganu state in the Aug 12 state elections, far from forming the next state government, due to its outdated election manifesto announced on Tuesday (25 July), according to a political analyst.

Barisan Nasional (BN) has made a slew of cash-aid-laden promises to Terengganu voters ahead of the state polls, as part of its election manifesto.

“BN may at most win a handful of seats, far from forming the next state government due to Terengganu set to be increasingly conservative after Kelantan.

“As religious yearnings have increasingly replaced socioeconomic concerns in the minds of Terengganu voters.”

“Terengganu has changed hands (state government) in recent times, so BN must have thought that with the right ‘incentives’, the voters there could be enticed to swing their support,” Pacific Research Centre principal adviser Oh Ei Sun told Gutzy Asia.

Terengganu BN chief Ahmad Said shared the manifesto pledges on his Facebook page that highlighted several cash handouts such as a monthly allowance of RM1,500 for graduates, RM1,200 for diploma holders, and RM600 for new boarding school students, for one year.

In addition, BN pledges interest-free loans and an RM500 ( approximately $109) subsidy for buying motorcycles of up to RM5,000 in value, as well as increasing the allowance for imams, muezzins, Quran teachers, and marriage solemnisers.

It also promised to provide RM800 a year to senior citizens and introduce the “Terengganu Residents Aid”, which offers aid as much as RM500 and RM300 to age groups above 40 and below 40 years old, respectively.

Farmers, fishermen, and animal breeders will also receive a one-time handout of RM300, according to Terengganu BN chief Ahmad Said, who posted the manifesto pledges on his Facebook page.

Meanwhile, BN aims to build as many as 10,000 affordable houses in five years, in addition to 700 houses that will be given away for free.

Ahmad said during a press conference on Tuesday that he was confident the coalition would win back the hearts of voters, especially the young people.

He said Terengganu BN also planned to create the Terengganu Youth Welfare Foundation, provide annual funding of RM5,000 to youth associations, assistance for driving and business licences, expand e-sport facilities, empower skills training and promote sports as a career.

Ahmad said the core elements of the manifesto were welfare and social matters, education and religion, infrastructure, economy, and youth.

In Malaysia’s 15th General Election (19 Nov, 2022) Barisan Nasional (BN) coalition was the biggest loser, securing just 30 seats in the 222-member parliament.

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