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Malaysia Police investigate supercar event promo that caused traffic havoc

Following public outcry, Malaysian police are investigating a viral video showing a fleet of supercars obstructing traffic lanes during a promotional event. Authorities urge citizens to follow traffic regulations to prevent potential incidents, as seen with the recent congestion caused by these supercars.



KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: Recently, a video of luxury cars on the Elite Highway to promote an upcoming supercar event went viral, sparking a frenzy online.

The 50-second video that was posted on Utama Motors Facebook page showed a fleet of supercars hogging all the lanes including the emergency lane.

Netizens found the video irksome and demonstrated their annoyance by flooding the comment section with criticisms as well as hashtag #pdrmmalaysia urging police to take action.

Screenshot Photo /Utama Motors

Screenshot photo /Utama Motors


The situation has now been brought to the attention of the police and subsequent action has been taken.

Selangor police, in a post on its Facebook page disclosed that an investigation has been launched regarding the video that was shared on the page subsequently, the owner has also been summoned to aid the process.

Additionally, a summon was also issued in response to obstruction and traffic violations under the Road Transportation Act 1987.

The Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) has called upon the public to strictly adhere to the traffic regulations so as to avoid any potential incident or mishap, in light of the recent 1km highway congestion caused by the multiple supercars taking up all the lanes.

“We can only hope that stunts like this will not be repeated, for we are uncertain of the consequences of our actions may have on other commuters, especially those who are in a hurry,” PDRM said in its statement.

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