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Indonesian woman hijacks toll officer’s patrol car at toll gate, triggers multiple collisions before arrest

In a daring act, a 33-year-old woman identified as JK stole a toll officer’s patrol car, causing collisions during her escape from the Jatiwaringin toll gate, Jakarta. Investigations are ongoing to uncover her motive.




INDONESIA: On Sunday (23 Jul), a woman identified as JK (33) stole a toll officer’s patrol car at Jatiwaringin toll gate, subsequently crashing into two cars during her escape. 

The incident was captured in a brief 13-second video by netizens.

The footage was posted on the @paltiwest account, showing the woman waving while climbing onto the patrol car.

Kompol Sutikno, the Head of PJR Dilantas Polda Metro Jaya Unit, confirmed that the incident took place on Sunday around 06.00 pm local time.

The chaos unfolded when police received a report of a woman at the Jatiwaringin 2 toll gate. After being secured in the running patrol car, she surprisingly drove off at full speed, leading to collisions. 

The woman and the patrol car were eventually apprehended at Matraman bus stop, East Jakarta.

Sutikno provided insight, stating, “Patrol 210 received a report from operator Dyandra that there was an OTK (unknown person) at the Jatiwaringin 2 toll gate.”

“After being secured in the vehicle, the head of the 210 patrol shift wanted to coordinate with the gate security guard, and the vehicle was taken away by the OTK.”

The woman is now in police custody, and investigations are underway to determine her motive.

East Jakarta Police Public Relations Section Head, AKP Lina, confirmed that East Jakarta Police had arrested a woman with the initials JK.

After the arrest, the woman was immediately taken to the hospital for observation, and her motive is currently being investigated.

The hijacked vehicle belonged to Jasamarga, not the police. The involvement of drugs in the incident remains unknown and is still under observation. 

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