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Guide to The Arts and Civil Space (TACS)

How to get to the Arts and Civil Space (TACS) at Macpherson using public transportation.

Address: 10 ubi crescent Ubi Techpark Lobby E #07-96 S 408564 (Google Map)


1. Exit Macpherson Station from Exit B

2. Cross the road and walk along the canal till you see a large opening behind the Chinese temple.

3. Walk diagonally across to the other end.

4. Turn left and walk straight across two traffic lights.

5. Enter the side gate to reach lobby E.

6. Take the passenger lift to level 7.

7. Once out of the lift, turn right as you exit the lift lobby and then turn right to exit the corridor.

8. Turn left and go to the last room (#07-96) where TACS is located.


You can take bus number 63 or 137 to get to the location.


If you are driving, note that you have to enter through the entrance on the right side of the building.