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DPM Wong states ‘nothing significant’ about timing of Forward SG report’s release

Deputy Prime Minister Lawrence Wong emphasized that the timing of the Forward Singapore report’s release carried no specific significance.

Regarding the 4G team’s mandate and leadership transition, he chose not to divulge details, promising further updates in the future.



SINGAPORE: Lawrence Wong, Deputy Prime Minister of Singapore, clarified that the timing for the Singapore government to publish the comprehensive Forward Singapore report holds “no significant implications.”

When questioned by reporters about the significance of its current release, DPM Wong stated, “We were in fact hoping to do it within a year, we took a bit longer.”

“So we thought it would be best to wind this up before the end of the year and in fact we have completed most of the engagements and most of the deliberations and we are now ready to put this out as a report”

Regarding the content of the report, DPM Wong highlighted that the publication of the report marks the end of one phase and the beginning of another. He emphasized the crucial next step of translating the ideas, suggestions, and recommendations outlined in the report into actionable steps and tangible results.

The government initiated the Forward Singapore (Forward SG) exercise in June 2022, soliciting input from diverse segments of Singaporean society on revitalizing the nation’s social compact for the future.

Following 16-month-long engagement with citizens, the recent launch of these initiatives assumes particular significance, given the current economic challenges. Notably, Political analysts are foreseeing the possibility of an early General Election in 2024, although the constitutional deadline for the next election is set for July 2025.

DPM Wong foresees swift implementation for specific and deliberated recommendations by 2024 Budget year

During the press conference held on Friday (27 Oct)  to launch the Forward Singapore Festival at Gardens by the Bay, DPM Wong also addressed to reporter’s questions on expected timelines for the implementation of certain recommendations, such as the SkillsFuture top-up and assistance for IT students, as well as the establishment of the Singapore Government Partnerships office.

Additionally, the reporter inquired about how the 4G team collaborated during the exercise, addressing potential areas of disagreement and how the experience prepared them for leadership succession.

In response, DPM Wong explained that recommendations outlined in the report that were more specific and well-considered would likely have shorter implementation timelines, possibly within the budget year of 2024 or over the course of the coming year.

He noted that recommendations requiring further study or involving more complex considerations would naturally require more time.

DPM Wong also elaborated on the collaborative process within the 4G team, highlighting their frequent monthly meetings and in-depth discussions on specific policies, often involving multiple ministries.

He emphasized how the experience, built upon the challenges faced during the last three years of the COVID-19 pandemic, strengthened the team’s understanding of each other’s strengths and how they could complement each other effectively.

Furthermore, he emphasized that the Forward Singapore Report serves as a comprehensive roadmap for all of Singapore to navigate the uncertain, challenging, and volatile future.

He expressed confidence in the team’s shared consensus and the collective ability to continue building a better Singapore.

DPM Wong declines to specify 4G team’s mandate timing

A reporter from the Straits Times also asked DPM Wong about the timing of the 4G team seeking a fresh mandate to implement their agenda, especially considering the potential transition of leadership.

In response, DPM Wong deferred a direct response, indicating that further information would be revealed in due course.

“We will announce and you will know all that is to be known in due course, ” he said.

When asked about the government’s priorities in fleshing out policies based on the broad goals outlined in the report, DPM Wong said the priority setting, emphasizing that the government had already identified and commenced work on addressing critical concerns such as housing, retirement, and healthcare. He mentioned that the prioritization was based on the urgency of issues and the needs of the people.

DPM Wong clarified that certain initiatives would take longer to develop and implement, with the forthcoming budget in 2024 providing a platform to flesh out these plans in greater detail.

Regarding the significant departures in the government’s approach, DPM Wong highlighted several key shifts. These included a greater focus on providing support and assurances to Singaporeans during a period of increased disruptions and changes in the workforce.

He emphasized the necessity of careful and responsible policy design, acknowledging that these endeavors might require increased government spending.

Implementation timeline for re-employment support scheme

Separately, in response to the timing of the implementation of the re-employment support scheme, Manpower Minister Tan See Leng emphasized that the details of the scheme would be announced during the upcoming budget in February or March.

He then provided context, explaining that the current labour market data indicates a lower base compared to the previous year as the country was recovering from the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

He noted that the long-term unemployment rate remains relatively low, hovering around 0.6% to 0.7%, and a significant portion of the reported unemployment statistics reflect job transitions rather than extended unemployment periods.

Dr Tan elaborated on the necessity of the Reemployment Support Scheme, highlighting the rapidly accelerating pace of change and disruptions in the contemporary job market.

He emphasized the need for individuals facing involuntary unemployment to not only rebound but also to do so with improved skills and capabilities.

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So, Singapore Is A Company, Registered On 16th March 2023?
Can Somebody Please Explain What’s Happening?

recently some scammers at Sg gov career portal changed the login to require google authenticator as 2FA. There is already an existing Singpass 2FA. Why disable Singpass to force sign up to a worse app? A check shows google authenticator has lots of problems, preventing access. Registering is also an issue. This is NOT needed and organizations usually will NOT use such external apps for their internal purpose. This is a scam to prevent access. Why do you need to go to the phone when you are on pc? It shows poor system design. Who is managing the system? Google is known… Read more »

why is this job not advertised on Sg gov career portal?

NTUC Learning Hub
Senior Manager, Planning And Scheduling (Operations)

but advertised overseas?

on the Sg govt job portal, staff hide jobs, tweaked user skills to make them ineligible. WSG staff under NTUC is playing punk.
HR changed skills, time limit to prevent application.
Philips Sec did it so you find all are immigrants leaching on Sg
So did Seasons
NTUC claim that logistics is suitable for doing their screw up education portal
preventing access with heaps of non-available courses, upside-down schedules created by staff and this SPECIAL job is not advertised in Sg.
Check who they recruit for this scheduling job and know who is playing punk in Sg.

recently some scammers at Sg gov career portal changed the login to require google authenticator as 2FA. There is already an existing Singpass 2FA. A check shows google autheticator has lots of problems, preventing access. Registering is also an issue. This is NOT needed and organizations usually will NOT use such external apps for their internal purpose. This is a scam to prevent access. Why do you need to go to the phone when you are on pc? It shows poor system design. Who is managing the system? Google is known to have lots of hankypanky blocking access so it… Read more »

The age of globalisation is coming to an end, the US will become more insular economically and may no longer subsidise the protection of global trade.

Shouldn’t the ruling government start making plans on how to reduce government expenditure and shrink the burden on taxpayers? 50 years of “building” the State Reserves and they still need to increase “GST”?

No timing, yeah, guess it’s on hold indefinitely then.

The Singapore economy is really bad and there are NO JOBS!!!

Meanwhile the US economy is growing at a scorching 4.9%!!! US economic growth accelerated to 4.9% in third quarter (
PAP basturds have really fucked up the Singapore economy in spite of their highest salaries in the world!!!

He has not work out to tell the truths to citizens what is his meaning of HDB flat is a Store of Value.
Only the Shit Times a Political paper controlled by PAP but forced on citizens to fund unlimitedly keep ANNOUNCING HDB flat sellers can become Millionaires.

I scratch the surface – it’s more of the same. Refreshing stg from the museum and attempting to fleece sheeps they are moving forward. Sure, at snails pace when the world is running the marathon breaking records at will.

Dear Taman Jurong Pineapple Tarts Lovers:

1) Increase GST
2) Increase PUB utilities
3) Increase COE, ERP
4) Increase Food Prices
5) Increase Housing prices
6) Increase Cost of Living
7) Increase Transport fares
8) Increase Hospital and Medical costs
9) Increase Foreigners intake, increase job losses
10) etc etc etc

No mention of more good years? LOL

Not matter how many of such motherhood conversations the pappies put forward ,the sticking problem of rotting governance persisted and have of late deteriorated even further.Let’s see how many more GRCs the incumbent will loose this coming GE.So sad to witness such bad things are actually happening in our once sunny Singapore.🇸🇬

Unless you’re born amongst the twinkling stars and clear blue skies, … you’d be singaporelarly aware that all, and I do mean all, of this regime’s press conferences here, … are all staged and scripted !!!

So what’s with all the intrigue and drama, … when LawWrong could’ve just announced it all in his prepared statement !!!

The only significance is, … why wasn’t Ah Chan accorded more lines and airtime during this pantomime !!!

LawlanWong probably realized the amount of shxt he is inheriting from his boss as next PM. So he can become speechless at times.

I’m surprised he didn’t say “I’m sure you are all dying to ask this question”. Ah Loong made the fatal mistake of NOT CHANGING what the previous G’s (pioneer and 2G govt) had been doing resulting in today’s CECA and the current rise and rise in the cost of living. He talks about abandoning the 5Cs and finding more purpose in life. I hope he realises that his “new direction” is NOT POSSIBLE without abandoning his predecessor’s growing the economy at compounding rates ie: exponentially, year after YEAR. Putting a NUMBER to that “significantly LESS” population figure (as spoken by… Read more »