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“A vote for Kin Lian signifies a bold call for change,” affirms former NTUC Enterprise chief

Tan Suee Chieh, former Group CEO of NTUC Enterprise, emphasizes that a vote for Kin Lian calls for change with moral courage and transparency.

Regarding Tharman, Mr Tan suggests his partnership with Lawrence Wong could be powerful, but warns ‘a vote for Tharman is an endorsement of the establishment’s wishes’.



SINGAPORE: “A vote for Kin Lian signifies a bold call for change. It is a vote for moral courage, grassroots advocacy, transparency, and fairness at the heart of Singapore’s governance,” affirmed Tan Suee Chieh, former Group CEO of NTUC Enterprise.

As Singapore gears up for the upcoming presidential election, voters find themselves at a crossroads, evaluating the candidates through various lenses of significance.

Tan Suee Chieh, currently the Immediate Past President of the Institute and Faculty of Actuaries (IFoA), has contributed his insights to the discourse surrounding the 2023 Presidential Election.

He offered his perspective on the trio of Presidential contenders: the former GIC investment chief, Mr Ng Kok Song (75); former People’s Action Party senior minister, Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam (66); and the former NTUC Income chief, Mr Tan Kin Lian (75).

In a statement issued on Saturday (26 Aug), Mr Tan reflected on his acquaintance with Tan Kin Lian, harking back to their encounters in the 1990s when Kin Lian held the position of NTUC Income Chief and was a fellow competitor during Mr Tan’s tenure as CEO of Prudential.

Hailing from the same professional sphere, he lauded Mr Tan Kin Lian’s unwavering independence of thought, dedication to workers and customers, and the value he infused into NTUC Income’s offerings.

“Kin Lian is an independent person by nature and in spirit. He speaks what is on his mind all the time. ”

“He speaks candidly, sometimes clumsily, but his sincerity, integrity and heartfelt concern for ordinary Singaporeans are beyond doubt. His moral compass has always been consistently for the interests of Singapore’s ordinary men and women since he became NTUC Income’s CEO in 1977.”

Later, Mr Tan joined NTUC Income’s Board in 2003. Mr Tan recounted occasions when Tan Kin Lian openly disagree with the NTUC Income Board and the NTUC Establishment on tactical and strategic matters.

“He was sometimes wrong, other times right, but I respected his refusal to be a yes-man, his lack of fear in voicing his convictions, and his readiness to stand as a lone dissenter.”

“Kin Lian’s willingness to challenge the establishment and orthodoxy, despite being unpopular, consistently impressed me. For me, this is moral courage. ”

Mr Tan further underscored the importance of fostering an environment that encourages the expression of opinions without constraints, especially in a society that can at times suppress dissent.

“Speaking up is crucial for our growth as an affluent, democratic, and progressive nation.”

“Although Kin Lian’s demeanour and image might not exude an air of international sophistication, it is important to remember that these are secondary issues, if your concerns are transparency, accountability, and fairness in Singapore.”

He restated that lending support to Tan Kin Lian reflects a call for change within the establishment’s thinking, symbolizing the acknowledgement that Singaporeans’ apprehensions warrant consideration, and hopes for a more inclusive approach to decision-making.

It’s worth noting that Tan Suee Chieh succeeded Mr Tan Kin Lian and led NTUC Income from 2007 to 2013. He assumed the role of Group CEO of NTUC Enterprise from 2013 to 2017. Prior to joining NTUC Income, Mr Tan also served as the CEO of Prudential Singapore from 1994 to 1999.

“Vote for Tharman is an endorsement of the establishment’s wishes”

When considering the option to cast a vote in favour of Mr Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Mr Tan elucidated the dynamics at play.

He underlined that the prospect of Deputy Minister and Finance Minister Lawrence Wong, from the People’s Action Party (PAP), assuming the role of Prime Minister coupled with Tharman’s presidency could yield a potent and efficacious partnership.

Nevertheless, Mr Tan cautioned that “a vote for Tharman is an endorsement of the establishment’s wishes.”

Having known Tharman for four decades, tracing back to their shared time at the London School of Economics (LSE) from 1979 to 1982, Mr Tan articulated that “few people can match Tharman’s combination of emotional intelligence, track record in public service, intellectual range, ability to navigate complexity, and global standing.”

“His conceptual clarity and intellectual coherence shone through consistently in his actions and speeches over the last four decades. He has a certain charismatic magic that draws people, young and old, of all races and different ethnic groups to him.”

He attested that Tharman’s global standing is second only to our Prime Minister and will continue to grow if he becomes President.

He harboured the belief that the presidency could potentially provide Tharman the latitude to re-invent the Presidency, and his stature, capability, and strategic understanding will make a difference on the world stage.

“His presence will enhance the security, credibility and sustainability of Singapore and the Asian region amidst rising geopolitical tensions and other challenges. He will also be a unifying President and will make Singaporeans proud. ”

“Vote for Ng Kok Song is a vote for the establishment”

In considering a vote for Mr Ng Kok Song, Mr Tan’s perspective sheds light on the alignment with established norms and values.

Mr Tan opined that Ng’s extensive tenure as a loyal and trusted technocrat within the civil service epitomizes his commitment and service to the nation over the span of his career.

“He will not re-invent the Presidency, neither will he rock the boat. He will be a safe pair of hands. ”

A vote for Kok Song is a vote for continuity and sound governance along the previous trajectory of our past presidents, Mr Tan said.

“He may not be a ruling party member, but he is very much part of the establishment. A vote for him is a vote for the establishment.”

“Like many Singaporeans, I am puzzled why he chose to be in this arena at this age and at this time. ”

“Voting for Tan Kin Lian may express protest against the establishment more clearly”

Mr Tan also acknowledged the prevailing sentiment that encourages voters to spoil their ballots as a symbolic protest against the establishment.

However, he put forth the perspective that “voting for Tan Kin Lian may express this more clearly.”

Mr Tan elaborated on the underlying rationale, emphasizing that these disenchanted voters harbour grievances stemming from alterations in regulations, including their interpretations, which hindered worthy contenders like Messrs. Tan Cheng Bock and George Goh from attaining the Presidential Eligibility Certificate.

Additionally, he pointed to growing concerns surrounding escalating expenses, recent controversies within the ruling party, and the authoritative approach taken toward opposition Members of Parliament.

“If you are thinking along this path, voting for Tan Kin Lian may be more effective than spoiling your vote.”

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Look at the choices given to us. Earlier during the bid, GG said something about checking the G and later found out that both his 5 cent coins didn’t add up to 10 cents even though simple arithmetic will prove it does. He was sent on his way as a result. 3 players remain in the game, TS , NKS , TKL. TS: Fresh out of MIW camp, in fact a high ranking MIW member but just hung his uniform to run for this PE. Was part of the gang who raised the GST and plans to do it again,… Read more »

TKL must win !!!!

All must pray for him !!!!

DPM Tharman will surely win and become our President. I challenge you fools. If he loses, I cut off my cock. If he wins, you go jump down from MBS. Who got balls here to take up this challenge from me? Otherwise, just shut your bloody mouth and stop badmouthing our DPM!

Don’t be fooled by a few pineapples. tsk tsk tsk

Vote wisely.

TKL is as imperfect as all the Candidates. We are using TKL’s ticker he paid to effect Change. We are the Change Agents.
Our Last Chance for change for some of us. Many have never had a leader of their choice. They feel he do not have a country they belong to. Robbed of their country. This is the tragic and heartless reality of Democracy where majority dictates

Tharman = 打满 (full tank)。新加坡没油,缸怎么打满它?Singapore has no oil, how to fill full tank?
Ng Kok Song = kosong (empty, 空) 佬。Mr. kosong.
Tan Kin Lian = 当金链 (pawn gold chain). 新加坡起码当了金链有钱度过难关。Pawn the gold chain, at least Singapore has some money to tide over difficulties.

Many wanted to vote George Goh I am sure.

Hopefully George Goh can lend a helping hand to support TKL !! thanks


This is the kind of leader Singapore want. Not the kind that is currently running the country ,where money laundry is a form of business!😆😆😆😆

Vote for Singaporeans, vote for TKL. Voting for any of those 2 fat cats of pap is a vote against Singaporeans. Let’s return the spirit of President Ong Teng Cheong, vote for TKL.


TCB is on board to support TKL

We’re heading to a historic moment to elect someone who will truly and fully speak up for ordinary Singaporeans

Pineapple head is no big deal. He likes to overrate himself as independent.

Underneath that slick talking facade, he is 101% pap doggie

Why we are suffering? I only blame the pappie stooges for telling their masters ” the right thing”.

Also I did not hear the Presidential candidates talk about reducing cost of living, affordable housing, making Singaporeans lives better except TKL !!

Only knows how to use pineapples and singing Theresa Teng songs. Does it help our economy and poor citizens?

You decide come 1st September.

A great Testimonial for TKL👍👏👏👏 To most singaporeans Presidential candidates are not their friends or family they asked to stand for election due to the $500m extreme high bar . So, the rare fee candidates who qualify are all we got for voting. This simply already means they are unlikely to be our perfect choice. But we can still vote for Change if we desire it given that PAP is no longer what it was having so many cases of Erosion of good governance. Trust has eroded. Given reserves Secrecy poses a risk of bankrupting singapore in future, and opacity… Read more »

Yes I agree with @not racist.I am indian.By saying wow I’m in Mumbai is an expression not racism.Maybe if you purposely shake your head when talking to Indians or calling chinese man”dong dong Chiang” or calling Malay”ketupat” or Eurasian “pasta” then I see it as offending.Mr Sudhir Thomas, racist is not a word you should use easily.

Just read from MSN,writer Sudhir Thomas mention TKL cannot be elected because he may be a racist!He use a post of TKL on bus 857 and saying wow”I’m in Mumbai.”I’m a Chinese When I go down to the neighbourhood playground,I have the feeling of “wow I’m in china”The new citizens with their children all almost speaking in china accented Mandarin.Im not defending TKL!I know how he feels and what message he is trying to bring across.We are just unhappy with the suspected motives in bringing in so many foreigners,may it be cheap labour,for the benefit of Singapore by building rapport… Read more »

We do not get to put candidates we want due to the 500m high bar. But TKL selflessly paid for our ticket to allow us chance to vote and holiday . No one is perfect and definitely pap has quite a few farck ups too. So, we Vote for Ourselves using TKL ticket. Last Chance For Change. Some may not live to see another election. This country has been stolen from us for 58 years. No body care how we feel. The Majority just enjoy themselves. 58 years. Democracy divided us. We have not had a pm nor president that… Read more »

Wow, Tan Kin Lian serious already.
Last time, talk talk… play.
Now making many pointed observations & thoughtful insights for Singapore.
Looks like he threw a spanner, into my voting plan. Damn

We need citizens to read more alternative news.Then there’s a chance to kick them out.The new citizens part quite difficult but we shall try when we have a chance to engage them.In the meantime,keep the fire going till GE!
Wow we anti-pap here sounds like we are opposition MPs,let’s form our own party,the Banana 🍌 party.Jokes aside,we just love our country and we can’t bear to see a government who is not capable, overbearing,and thinking Singapore is a playground where you can do what you want, exonerate who you want with no rules and code to follow.Lets end them.

Open your eyes to vote wisely. Observe the candidates actions and comments daily. Who is truthful, who is wayang to win votes, who is against the establishment and system, who is pretentious, who is still pap, watch their steps and speech closely and you can see. Don’t let hatred blind you, and get fool again and again.

How nice if the RI student at the forum asked Lawrence Wong why he said government at Arms length regarding ho Ching’s salary and also asked why Ridout clause 3.1&3.2 were not conscientiously followed.That will probably dumbfounded him and the intelligent RI boy should go Harvard and join Lee sheng wu.

Nicely written in favour of TKL. Thank You. The EP is regarding our reserves, COI, appointments of the civil service, National Assets etc. The job description is local. We already have a foreign minister to address the functions that TS is talking about. We don’t need a duplication in roles. So since TS has spelt his role as EP, it does not concur with the job description so TKL will be a more suitable candidate for the Presidency.

I won’t say TKL talked without thinking or clumsily,just feel that he got to structure his sentence appropriately before blurting out.Regarding the LGBT comments…maybe what he meant is everyone got to accept themselves,no need to ask for acceptance as LGBT from the public,no approval needed to be LGBT.His command of English may not be that good because maybe he process his words in his mind in Mandarin or dialects and said it out.Anyway will vote for him.IMO, although he is not perfect,articulate but he is seen to be less affiliated and my vote for him is just to show discontent… Read more »

How to vote for TKL, he appears like he got dementia.
Aware already finished him on Day 1 by destroying whatever chance he has. How to have a President posting Facebook on pretty girls ?

Saw one aunty telling two aunties in hokkien at coffeeshop-“you all know pap ministers Kia ang mo Choo “which means stay in bungalows.She also said”Lee Xiao long wife earn 99 ba buan by Taiwan media”which means 99 million.So happy even aunty read alternative news platform.The power of social media is either going to make or break you.No amount of pofma is enough if you lose trust.You have to address doubt and suspicions properly.

Shanmugan mentioned at berita harian podcasts.(Mothership)He mentioned lastest corruption probe,ex scdf officer,ex minister in the 80s .He said dealt with ZERO tolerance .👏👏👏. He never dealt with himself!

Tan kin Lian said something regarding LGBT,but at the last part,he mentioned the important part-we don’t disturb your preference,you can follow your own path.We cannot cheat ourselves-when in the streets when we see girls hold girls hand or boys hold boys hand,we will probably take a second look .Is basic instinct!If you are minority,it doesn’t mean you are wrong.So I think is his personal opinion but at the same time ,he respect the diversity and feel that’s not a need to hold parade to be accepted as LGBT .Regardless the public accept LGBT or not,the LGBT will still go on.Is… Read more »

Pertaining to those issues which relate to the likelihood that“Blank Votes” may come about in this PE,can anyone out there give your opinion as to whether there exists a brand of “ink” which would turn colourless within a short period of time after it is applied as a print on special paper.As we now know a new device has been introduced to assist voters mark the little “box” in the ballot paper.What do you think???.😎😎😎

Yes I agreed with what Jessie said.Even if TKL is a mole,we put out the bait of 9million president salary to find out the truth of 99million rumoured salary!By choosing TKL,there’s a chance he will suddenly clumsily do something extraordinary like what Tan sure chieh said.Definately not pineapple man 🍍 Catman 😺.

Last time Singaporeans say they got no choice because Halimah is selected (not elected) due to race criteria set by pappies.

Again now voting Tharman is the same as voting Halimah. No difference also.

Now you have a choice.!!!

TKL is a rare gem now.

TCB : Here is your chance.

Must vote for him.

Yes TKL’s time is now. Singapore needs him now to bring back sanity to our country. The PAP has had too much power for too long. This has turned a once respectable party into a complacent and incompetent monster.

TKL : We are all behind you.

Not that LW: We are behind your back. tsk tsk tsk.

Yes I agree that everything is possible,TKL may be a mole but we still vote him because he is seen to be the least affiliated to pap,by doing that we are sending our message across which bode well for GE 25.We dampen their confidence.By letting TKL enjoy his 9million salary,we can find out the truth of the 99 million salary.So it is worth it.

I think TKL is a mole of the PAP. Very good wayang.

Yes,by exonerating Ridout minster,it means have to protect at all costs.The holes in the cheese 🧀 are slowly alighting into a straight line.Once it happened,there’s no turning back.Iswaran,please spill the beans and make Singapore great again.

CPIB,please don’t check until after GE 25,then you disclose results.If you need 1 year or more to disclose,then is very serious! Opposition MPs,please ensure!

“He was sometimes wrong, other times right, but I respected his refusal to be a yes-man, his lack of fear in voicing his convictions, and his readiness to stand as a lone dissenter.”, TKL had proven this in Hong Lim Park. At time when he was booed by the Hong Lim’s crowd, he maintained what he had spoken. “few people can match Tharman’s combination of emotional intelligence, track record in public service, intellectual range, ability to navigate complexity, and global standing.”; True but does this helps in being a President, except more FTAs and CECAs. Can he be truly independent… Read more »

@jessie.Yes despite our small size,so easy to manage compare to big country,pap has not done well. 1) Goh chock Tong said less than500k ,you are mediocre.Different people with constraints and circumstances earn differently.By saying this,he is disrespectful to the aunties,uncles who push cart at hawker centres. 2)Failed to boost birthrate and take easy way by importing. 3) failed in moment say Singaporeans not ready for minority PM,next moment Tharman good for president. 4) loss of trust and integrity when they exonerated Ridout ministers when clause 3.1&3.2 clearly stated. 5) failed when they don’t follow race rules in appointing Halimah.… Read more »

Things will not come to this stage if pap actions showed integrity, honesty.Yes you can have millions salary but you need to do more for citizens.You cannot let people suspect you buying votes from new citizens,you cannot ignore ho Ching’s salary,you cannot exonerate Ridout ministers,you cannot pofma but instead show proof and debunk suspicions.But is too late,my family of 10 already decided to choose TKL and GE 25,we will vote anyone except pap.

This Tan Suee Chieh has shown the art of diplomatic double and triple speak and at the same time, trying not to offend anyone.

But I do sense he leans slightly towards supporting TKL.

And while I don’t think much about the EP, I will vote TKL.

As an aside, I just saw the clip of NKS walking his cat and talking to his cat in Teochew.

Looks like the onset of dementia. I do believe he (NKS) will be third and possibly lose his deposit.

I will not vote for tharman. He will be unemployed but many Private sector willing to employ him. But tan kin Liang someone like him hard to come by

I support TKL to the very end

Many pappie stooges pants will fall off if TKL win ! LoL