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HDB unveils 4,000+ BTO flats in first 2024 sale

HDB unveiled 4,126 BTO flats across seven projects in Bedok, Queenstown, Choa Chu Kang, Hougang, Punggol, and Woodlands. Over 80% of these units, spanning five projects, boast waiting times of less than 3½ years.



On Wednesday (21 February), The Housing and Development Board (HDB) unveiled 4,126 Build-To-Order (BTO) flats available for purchase across seven diverse projects situated in Bedok, Queenstown, Choa Chu Kang, Hougang, Punggol, and Woodlands.

Highlighting accessibility, over 80% of the flats launched, encompassing five projects will feature waiting times shorter than 3½ years, as confirmed by HDB in a statement.

In a bid to empower applicants, the application window for flat purchases during this sales exercise has been extended to eight days, compared to the previous seven.

The Housing Board emphasized that this extension aims to afford prospective buyers more time “to make an informed choice.”

Tanglin Halt Courtyard

A unique inclusion is the Tanglin Halt Courtyard integrated development in the mature estate of Queenstown, falling under the prime location public housing (PLH) model.

In Oct 2021, HDB introduced PLH, which entails stricter conditions, such as an 8% subsidy clawback upon resale and a minimum occupation period of 10 years.

PLH flats enjoy additional subsidies on top of the market discounts applied across all BTO flats.

HDB clarified that 20% of the PLH flats in Tanglin Halt Courtyard are reserved for first-timer families, while 2% are allocated for second-timer families under the married child priority scheme, facilitating cohabitation for mutual support.

Comprising 251 two-room flexi and four-room flats, Tanglin Halt Courtyard will be situated on the site of the former Tanglin Halt Neighbourhood Centre.

Positioned conveniently, the 48-storey project is a mere five-minute walk from Commonwealth MRT station.

Prices, excluding grants, exhibit a range from $235,000 to $353,000 for a two-room flexi unit and $565,000 to $720,000 for a four-room flat.

Adding to its allure, Tanglin Halt Courtyard will feature a two-storey hawker centre and market, shops, a pre-school, a residents’ network centre, and the relocated Queenstown Polyclinic from Stirling Road.

Acknowledging the complexity of constructing a high-rise development, HDB disclosed that Tanglin Halt Courtyard boasts the longest waiting time in this launch, standing at four years and 10 months.

The Matilda Riverside project (Source: HDB)

Bedok South Bloom and Bedok North Springs

Meanwhile, two projects in Bedok are set to introduce a total of 961 units, entailing a waiting period exceeding three years.

Bedok South Bloom, positioned along New Upper Changi Road, features 528 two-room flexi and four-room flats.

Prices, exclusive of grants, range from $178,000 to $284,000 for a two-room flexi flat and $491,000 to $638,000 for a four-room unit.

Conveniently situated two bus stops away from the Bedok Integrated Transport Hub, it is near The Marketplace @ 58—a neighbourhood centre boasting a wet market, food outlets, and shops. Additionally, it will be adjacent to Bedok Green Primary School.

Bedok North Springs, consisting of 433 two-room flexi, four, and five-room flats, is bordered by Bedok North Street 3 and the Pan-Island Expressway, in proximity to Bedok Reservoir MRT station.

Prices for this development range from $155,000 to $256,000 for a two-room flexi flat, $451,000 to $568,000 for a four-room flat, and $605,000 to $730,000 for a five-room flat.

Matilda Riverside project in Punggol

Matilda Riverside project in Punggol, boasting the shortest wait in this launch at three years and one month, encompasses 962 two-room flexi, three-, four-, and five-room flats.

This marks the first BTO development in Punggol since 2019.

Prices for units in this project vary, with two-room flexi units priced between $131,000 to $221,000, three-room flats ranging from $242,000 to $296,000, four-room flats from $318,000 to $429,000, and five-room units from $464,000 to $582,000 (all prices exclude grants).

Woodgrove Edge

Woodgrove Edge, the largest project in this exercise with 1,127 units featuring two-room flexi, three-, four-, and five-room flats, presents a slightly more than three-year wait.

This expansive project is situated between Woodgrove Avenue and Rosewood Drive.

Rail Garden @ CCK

In Choa Chu Kang, the Rail Garden @ CCK project, situated beside the Pang Sua Canal, introduces 465 two-room flexi, three- and four-room flats, with an anticipated wait time of approximately three years and nine months.

This development marks the third and final project on the Pang Sua Woodland site.

The initial two projects in the estate, Rail Green I and II @ CCK, were launched for sale in October 2023.

Tanjong Tree Residences @ Hougang

Moving to Tanjong Tree Residences @ Hougang, located on Hougang Street 13, this project encompasses 360 two-room flexi, three-, and four-room flats, with a flat acquisition wait time of three years and three months.

February’s sales exercise marks the initial launch of three BTO events slated for 2024, a reduction from the previous four launches per year. HDB is poised to unveil a total of 19,600 new flats throughout 2024.

With the adjustment to three launches instead of four, prospective homebuyers can anticipate a more substantial inventory of flats, encompassing a broader spectrum of types and locations at each release, as stated by HDB.

This strategic approach aims to enhance the likelihood of applicants discovering a residence that aligns with their financial considerations and requirements.

Moreover, the extended gap between sales launches reduces overlaps between flat selection exercises.

1,588 flats in Sale of Balance Flats exercise

Simultaneously, on Wednesday, HDB initiated the Sale of Balance Flats exercise, introducing 1,588 flats across various towns.

Approximately 12% of these units are already completed, while the remainder are in different stages of construction.

A notable portion of more than 670 balance flats is concentrated in Yishun.

Applications for the Sale of Balance Flats exercise conclude at 11.59 pm on 28 February via the HDB flat portal, and the allocation will be determined through a balloting process.

Looking ahead to June, HDB plans to present about 6,800 flats in Jurong East, Kallang/Whampoa, Queenstown, Tampines, Woodlands, and Yishun.

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Why no PAP Elites live in such flats ,if they claim these flats are that good?😆😆😆

Roll up, roll up, roll up !!!

Get your public housing pronto, and be a part of the SillyPore dream, … a leaseholder, as have 80% of the population, and share, in “owning” a “small slice of SillyPore”, … for 99 years at least !!!

Roll up, roll up, roll up !!!

Hong Kong , Hong Kong

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Beside the woodgrove

No 5 room flats ?

2 room flexi should be in demand .

It seems that “Rail Garden” will involve the demolition of Pang Sua woodlands to make way for HDB flats. The location is also terrible as the canal cuts off the housing estate from the rest of Chua Chu Kang, though it is perfect if you plan on weekly excursions to Malaysia.

It seems that with the transfer of the KTM track back into the ruling government’s greedy hands. They have been selling the adjacent lands to develop property.

Dover Forest is gone. Tengah Forest is gone. How long before Clementi Forest is demolished too?