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Issues mount for Punggol Point Cove residents as they face BTO defects and delays

Residents of Punggol Point Cove are experiencing delays in moving into their new BTO flats due to issues such as uneven walls and water ponding. Criticism on forums underscores ongoing frustrations regarding housing quality and governmental accountability.



SINGAPORE: Residents of Punggol Point Cove are unable to move into their new Built-To Order (BTO) flats due to numerous defects, such as uneven walls, hollow structures, water ponding, and missing belongings, leading to frustration with poor workmanship and unresponsive authorities.

One resident shared that his five-room flat, received in March, had uneven and hollow walls.

When he contacted the Housing Development Board (HDB) ‘s Building Services Centre (BSC), he was told the hollow walls were due to the preference of “youngsters nowadays to hack the wall.”

His flat also had holes, scratched windows, and water ponding in the master bathroom.

Another resident, who opted for all optional components, found that the cement screed beneath his vinyl flooring was poorly done, causing additional expenses to remove and replace the flooring.

Other residents reported being advised to “slam it hard” to close poorly fitted doors and found holes in walls taped and painted over after BSC’s rectifications.

One resident encountered expletives etched on her walls and cigarette butts in her flat upon first inspection.

BSC’s inadequate rectifications led to multiple rounds of repairs, with many issues like misaligned windows and pipes left unaddressed.

MP’s response to Punggol Point Cove defects

Residents reached out to Dr Janil Puthucheary, Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris-Punggol GRC, on 28 April with evidence of the defects.

However, the initial positive response dwindled, and they were told the evidence had been deleted to protect their privacy.

Attempts to schedule a meeting with Dr Janil were unsuccessful, with residents being advised to attend Meet-the-People Sessions, which many were unable to attend.

Dr Janil stated in an email to TNP on 23 June that he has been in regular contact with residents, the Resident’s Network, HDB, and the BSC to ensure the homes are ready and defects addressed.

A meeting has been arranged to address these concerns.

On Saturday (29 June), Dr Janil conducted a walkabout in the neighborhood.

The visit followed reports highlighting issues faced by some homeowners who are still unable to move into their units due to unresolved defects.

Dr Janil greeted residents and engaged in brief conversations with them.

However, some attendees expressed disappointment when they were advised to email the MP regarding their grievances.

Despite challenges, some residents appreciated Dr Janil’s appearance.

“Every coin has two sides,” said one of the residents.

“While we can’t expect perfection in new BTOs, I appreciate his effort in conducting this walkabout.”

The walkabout concluded with residents hopeful for timely resolutions to their housing concerns.

Netizens react to Punggol Point Cove BTO defects

In response to the issues at Punggol Point Cove, many netizens have taken to the HardwareZone forum to voice their opinions.

One user criticized the MP, stating that walkabouts should not occur only when there are issues.

They emphasized that new BTO flats should be in acceptable condition upon handover.

Another user questioned the MP’s involvement, pointing out that it’s not the MP who builds the houses, so what can he do?

In response, a netizen pointed out that since the government controls HDB and sets the standards, the problem lies with the government if buildings are not up to standard.

They suggested that enforcement has been lax, leading to sloppy contractor work and that public frustration has grown, especially with the potential 10-year Minimum Occupation Period (MOP) making quality even more crucial.

One user remarked that the MP could help expedite the rectification process.

Netizens defend MP, criticize Ministry of National Development’s role in BTO defects

However, many users also defended the MP, stating that it’s not his fault and there’s not much he can do.

One user noted that MPs often direct concerned residents to relevant agencies but cannot personally resolve every issue.

They also mentioned that opposition MPs face similar limitations but may offer solutions to appease residents.

A user pointed out that it’s not the MP’s fault that HDB or Ministry of National Development (MND) delivered units full of defects.

They criticized the governing and accountability structure under the PAP, claiming it has collapsed and that agencies and ministries are no longer held accountable.

Another user wondered where the Minister of National Development, Mr Desmond Lee, was during this issue, noting that it is ultimately HDB’s problem, not the MP’s.

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Last edited 12 days ago by Blankslate

Finally getting the keys to your new home is a life long dream for most of us, after saving up for years……but HDB has turned it into a living nightmare ..

First world public housing prices.
Overseen by super-first world paid ministers (and worst PM).
Flats mass produced to keep up with an artificially induced population growth.
Build by third world labor and supervision.

You think quality will be first world or third world?

It is quite sad to learn that the public flat in this country is not only becoming more expensive but the at the same, the owners need to face such problem n hopefully the national development ministry will look into the matter soon.


This is the SG Miracle.

Its like a growing trend…first was Yew Tew…then this punggol…wonder if any other estates that went unreported.
So its proven, HDB is NO MORE providing quality, acessible and affordable housing for citizens.
This is depressing..
Wonder whos the top ppl cutting cutting costs? The HDB , the cheap cheaper cheaperest contractors or the many middlemen in between….
The end result is this ?
LW,you said you are determined to help SGs achieve their dreams…looks like its just a lie.

Last edited 13 days ago by W.A.J.

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spam post is very dirty – okay

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Lawlan Wong:
“we have your backs” – for what? Liars NEED to say it to earn Millions of Dollars Off tax payers money.

Continuation from my comment below:

So why doesn’t “Dr Janil Puthucheary” ask the Minister for National Development this question in the next session of parliament.

Why did HDB / Surbana award a HDB flat construction tender to a contractor with a known history of delivering a BTO project riddled with defects back in 2017? (Woodlands Glen BTO flats)

Or perhaps, we need a Worker’s Party MP to bring it up since Dr Janil might be afraid of losing his high salaried position as a “Minister of State” where he does absolutely nothing.

Last edited 12 days ago by Blankslate

Look at all the comments from Stockholm syndrome sufferers. The MP can’t do anything? The point of having an elected representative in a republic is to ensure that the citizens, who are funding the government have their voices heard and to hold the government accountable. Even with 9% GST, why is there no money to hire a reputable contractor? Let’s see who built the Punggol Cove HDB estate. Architect, Consultants: Surbana Jurong Builder / Contractor: Precise Development From the contractor’s website: “We strive to achieve zero defects….hand over projects without defects.” Mainly constructed Industrial buildings and School Multi-Purpose Halls. But… Read more »

Last edited 13 days ago by Blankslate

Affected residents should band together and sue the HDB..for compensation..
Nowdays applying for a new flat is already so stressful …waiting time…then after that, this bad workmanship …its like being cheated by HDB.
People are paying so much for their units…not F.o.c.!
Some mp should voice out in parliament on this problem..
Treating SGs like beggars! How awful!!!