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7,000 HDB flats to rise in Bayshore, first two BTO projects set for 2024 launch

Approximately 7,000 Housing Board flats are slated for construction in Bayshore, extending the urban landscape of Bedok town.

The initial two Build-To-Order (BTO) projects will become available for purchase in the latter half of 2024.



SINGAPORE: Minister for National Development Desmond Lee announced on Monday (Oct 16) that the new Bayshore estate will see the launch of the first two Build-to-Order (BTO) projects in 2024, potentially falling under the innovative Plus flat model.

These projects are significant as they mark the first HDB homes built in the East Coast region since the development of flats in Marine Parade.

As part of the Housing and Development Board’s (HDB) master plan for the area, the new estate in East Coast is expected to accommodate approximately 10,000 homes upon completion.

Of this number, around 70 per cent, approximately 7,000 homes, will be designated as public housing.

“These Bayshore flats will be the first HDB homes built along the East Coast since the construction of HDB flats in Marine Parade,” said Mr Lee at the HDB Awards Ceremony on Monday, as reported by CNA.

“We will offer a range of housing typologies, including rental flats, to promote more inclusive neighbourhoods.”

Situated on a 60-hectare plot of reclaimed land, earmarked for residential use since the Master Plan 1998, the Bayshore area is bounded by Upper East Coast Road, Bayshore Road, and the East Coast Parkway.

On its western side, it is bordered by two private housing estates, Costa Sol and The Bayshore, while Bedok Camp lies to its east.

Positioned as an extension of Bedok town and conveniently located adjacent to East Coast Park, the estate has been meticulously planned. Emphasizing accessibility, most residences will be within a convenient five-minute walk from upcoming MRT stations.

1,400 units from two-room flexi to four-room flats in the First two BTO projects

The initial two Build-to-Order (BTO) projects within the Bayshore vicinity will encompass approximately 1,400 units ranging from two-room Flexi to four-room flats.

The HDB has expressed the possibility of launching these projects under the new Plus model, citing the area’s appealing location and proximity to key transport nodes and amenities.

Anticipating enhanced connectivity, the Bayshore estate will soon be served by two upcoming MRT stations – Bayshore station and Bedok South station – along the Thomson East Coast line.

Designed to promote a car-lite environment, the estate will boast pedestrian-centric pathways, a Transit Priority Corridor, and dedicated cycling and walking routes. These pathways will be linked to the existing drains leading into Bayshore from Upper East Coast Road, providing seamless pedestrian access to Bedok town.

To encourage an active and eco-friendly lifestyle, a network of lush cycling and walking paths will weave through the Bayshore estate, connecting to the Round Island Route and the forthcoming central green corridor extending from East Coast Park to Changi Beach.

Bayshore Drive, the primary thoroughfare, will be a bustling street lined with a variety of amenities including shops, eateries, supermarkets, medical and healthcare facilities, as well as sports and recreational spaces.

Additionally, a 400-meter bus-only Transit Priority Corridor flanked by footpaths, cycling paths, and spacious sheltered pavements on both sides will run along Bayshore Drive, enhancing the overall accessibility of the area.

“Together, this will transform the street into an activated community spine where residents can live, play, and bond,” said HDB.

10-year minimum occupation period

Minister Lee highlighted that Plus flats would be accompanied by additional subsidies, ensuring affordability for a broader spectrum of income groups.

Under the new Plus model, homeowners within the Bayshore estate will be subject to a lengthened minimum occupation period (MOP) of 10 years.

If these first owners opt to sell their flats, they will be required to reimburse a portion of the resale price to HDB, reflecting the additional subsidies received, among other specified conditions.

In addition to the community enhancements, a new integrated development, encompassing residential, retail, and dining spaces, will be established, seamlessly connecting to the future Bedok South MRT station and a newly proposed bus interchange.

As for the upcoming BTO projects, the 1,400 flats set to be launched next year will feature full-height windows, providing residents with unobstructed waterfront views for units facing East Coast Park, and panoramic city views for units overlooking Bedok town, as highlighted by the HDB.

In line with providing residents with greater flexibility, the structural elements within the flats, including beams and columns, will be situated at the perimeters of each unit, enabling residents to personalize their living spaces as desired.

Minister Lee expressed that prospective homeowners can anticipate new residences boasting picturesque waterfront views within a well-connected and dynamic urban setting.

He also highlighted the increased opportunities for families with elderly parents living in Bedok, offering them the option to reside in close proximity, facilitating mutual care and support.

The heart of the estate will feature Bayshore Drive, a newly established thoroughfare spanning the center, incorporating a 400m “transit priority corridor” alongside various commercial, recreational, and medical amenities. (SOURCE: HDB)

Parks and green spaces

As part of the development plan, various parks and green spaces will be integrated throughout the Bayshore estate. A sprawling 3-hectare central park will be a prominent feature, offering residents a harmonious living environment within a natural setting, with expansive lawns ideal for picnics and leisurely strolls.

Adjacent to the Bayshore estate, a second linear park will be developed along the coastline, preserving the historic seawalls while incorporating playgrounds designed in a rustic theme, paying homage to the area’s coastal heritage.

Promoting an active and healthy lifestyle, the estate will encompass several interconnected walking trails, encouraging residents to engage in regular physical activity, as highlighted by the HDB.

To ensure sustainable living, the design of the Bayshore estate will be influenced by eco-friendly practices and “smart infrastructure,” including solar-ready roofs and a pneumatic waste conveyance system, drawing inspiration from recent housing developments like Tengah.

Detailed environmental studies will be conducted, focusing on aspects such as wind flow, temperature, sunlight, and shade, to establish an eco-friendly and comfortable living environment.

Utilizing advanced modeling software, HDB aims to optimize natural ventilation throughout the estate based on wind flow analyses. Additionally, shade analysis will inform the strategic placement of outdoor amenities such as playgrounds and fitness corners, enhancing the overall comfort for residents and visitors, as outlined by the HDB.

To encourage community engagement, the Bayshore exhibition at HDB Hub will be accessible from Oct 19 until late 2024, inviting the public to contribute their feedback on the development plans.


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All the pte property even FH landed owners must be cursing….decades of peace and tranquility dashed by low ses slum dwellers living next to them plus blocking their views and sea breeze!
And that is not all, the low ses traffic that will be going up there to squeeze with these higher ses folks!
HUAT AH!…psst..lucky no minister live up there!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

Before you build more, can you GUARANTEE that the renewable resources (power, water) needed by those future residents are AVAILABLE first? If not, we will never reach net zero carbon.

Million $ flats .

The golden goose of this regime, … is flapping its wings in delirium and can oredi taste the “money, money, money” at its nares and beak !!!

7000 units enough to cater to the flood of new citizens, their families, etc? Not forgetting new PRs getting to buy private properties or resale HDB even with 3 years wait but every year, another large number of PRs will pass the 3 years and snap up resale units while citizens will buy BTO or upgrade to condo if have money

They will keep importing and get the population to use up all their money without furthur increase in income …

More concrete means our island will sink faster and the wildlife will be displaced. This is destruction of the environment. Please stop the increase in population policy and save our lands from massive concrete and depletion of oxygen levels.