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Ganjar Milenial Center denies alleged support shift to Prabowo Subianto

The Volunteer Ganjar Milenial Center (GMC) of East Java vehemently refutes rumors of support for presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto.

Coordinator Mahmud clarified the situation during a press conference, asserting the allegations were baseless and a case of “political identity theft”.



INDONESIA – The Volunteer Ganjar Milenial Center (GMC) of East Java has vehemently denied rumours of a shift in support to prospective presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto.

The coordinator of the GMC in East Java, Mahmud, revealed the facts behind the controversy during a press conference alongside 22 GMC Coordinators from various cities and districts across East Java and representatives from the National Coordinator of Ganjar Milenial Center at the GMC East Java Command Post in Malang on Sunday (10 Sept).

Mahmud stated that these allegations were entirely untrue and claimed that the incident was a case of political identity theft, falsely using the Ganjar Milenial Center’s name.

He then presented the actual facts behind the character assassination.

The shift in GMC East Java’s support from Ganjar Pranowo to Prabowo Subianto was initially revealed by someone named Muhammad Deckaryan Lexca Justico, who identified himself as the Chairman of the Ganjar Milenial East Java Volunteers, some time ago.

However, according to the official statement released by the Ganjar Milenial Center (GMC) in East Java, this claim is categorically false.

Photo: Instagram, @ganjar_pranowo.

“Regarding the unilateral use of Ganjar Milenial Center attributes at the declaration event for the transfer of presidential support on Saturday (9 Sept), in Malang, we, the Ganjar Milenial Center East Java, consisting of Coordinators from Cities/Districts of Ganjar Milenial Center throughout East Java, wish to make our stance clear,” stated Mahmud in a written statement on Monday (11 Sept).

Mahmud emphasized that the narrative suggesting that GMC volunteers had defected was untrue. Muhammad Deckaryan Lexca had already resigned and was no longer an official member of the Ganjar Milenial Center East Java since June 1, 2023.

Therefore, the institutional use of the Ganjar Milenial Center’s name was incorrect.

Mahmud further expressed that GMC East Java felt severely harmed by the unauthorized use of their name.

“We firmly assert that Muhammad Deckaryan Lexca Justico has no right to use Ganjar Milenial Center attributes, and we feel aggrieved by the use of Ganjar Milenial Center attributes during the declaration,” Mahmud explained.

GMC coordinator Mahmud issues ultimatum to alleged ‘identity theft’

Mahmud issued an ultimatum to Muhammad Deckaryan Lexca Justico, demanding that he promptly issue a public clarification for his actions.

He gave a deadline of no later than 3×24 hours from the time of this clarification statement.

“If this is not met, we will take this matter to the legal arena. GMC condemns any actions or activities that falsely represent GMC without the knowledge of the East Java Ganjar Milenial Center Regional Coordinator,” Mahmud declared.

As a millennial, Mahmud called on all fellow Ganjar supporters to uphold peaceful and clean politics in pursuit of a democratic and prosperous Indonesia. Mahmud also emphasized that the Ganjar Milenial Center stands united and ready to support Ganjar Pranowo for the 2024 presidential race.

Previously, there were reports of several individuals switching their support to Prabowo, with some appearing to remove clothing with Ganjar Milenial Center (GMC) logos in a room.

The news about the shift in support of GMC East Java is on one news channel.

“We are extending our support to Mr. Prabowo Subianto, based on the current societal reality. We see Mr Prabowo, endorsed by Mr Jokowi, endorsed by religious leaders, scholars, and prominent national figures. It’s time! It’s time! It’s time!” stated Saifullah, the Chairman of Millennial Volunteers in Surabaya on Saturday (9 Sept), as reported by Detikcom.

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