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China’s Shenzhen hit by heaviest rain since records began in 1952

China’s Shenzhen hit by heaviest rain since 1952, causing widespread flooding, school closures, and transport disruptions, with more heavy rain expected.



BEIJING, CHINA — China’s southern city of Shenzhen has been lashed by the heaviest rain since records began in 1952, state media reported on Friday.

The heaviest downpours in decades have battered China’s south and the semi-autonomous city of Hong Kong in recent days, causing widespread flooding, closing schools, suspending border cargo services and disrupting road and rail traffic.

The downpour comes a week after the financial hub was shut down by a super typhoon.

“From 5 pm (0900 GMT) Thursday to 6 am Friday (2200 GMT Thursday), the average rainfall in Shenzhen was 202.8 mm (8 inches), and the maximum cumulative rainfall reached 469 mm (18 inches),” Xinhua reported, adding that the rainfall had broken multiple meteorological records since they began 71 years ago.

The state-run news agency said heavy rain was forecast to continue on Friday.

“Shenzhen’s flood, drought and typhoon control headquarters issued a notice Friday morning that primary and secondary schools and kindergartens across the city will suspend classes on Friday in consideration of ensuring the citizen’s safety and property,” Xinhua reported.

Services on parts of six subway lines were suspended and authorities warned people to stay away from “dangerous areas” such as mountains, rivers, slopes, and retaining walls, according to the report.


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