Musk regrets controversial post but won’t bow to advertiser ‘blackmail’

Elon Musk apologized for an anti-Semitic post, called it “foolish,” and accused departing advertisers of “blackmail.” Major advertisers, including Apple and Disney, left. Musk insisted he holds no discrimination against Jews, resisted advertiser pressure, and clarified his Israel trip wasn’t related to the tweet.

Sam Altman to return as OpenAI CEO after shock ouster


OpenAI reinstated Sam Altman as CEO following his sudden dismissal, supported by major investor Microsoft. The move addresses staff and investor concerns, reflecting the complex dynamics in AI development.

Altman’s return highlights the importance of governance in the evolving landscape of technologies like ChatGPT.

Microsoft to hire OpenAI’s Sam Altman: CEO Satya Nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella hires former OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and his team to lead a new advanced AI research team. Altman’s dismissal raised concerns, leading to other departures. OpenAI appoints Emmett Shear as interim CEO, denying safety concerns. Microsoft remains committed to its partnership with OpenAI.

Schools shut as toxic smog engulfs India’s capital

Schools in Delhi closed due to severe smog caused by crop burning, vehicle emissions, and industrial pollution. The public health crisis, with dangerously high PM2.5 levels, persists, affecting millions of residents and causing premature deaths. Efforts to reduce pollution have had limited impact.

Australia fines Musk’s X over child abuse content concerns

Australia’s internet safety watchdog fined Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter) for failing to adequately address child sexual abuse content, imposing a fine of Aus$610,500 (US$385,000). A formal warning was also sent to Google.

Chinese activist asks Taiwan not to deport him

Activist Chen Siming fled China due to escalating repression, seeking asylum in the United States or Canada upon landing in Taiwan, urging not to be sent back to China.