Facing the Challenges: Engaging in Dialogue for Thai Democracy

In his introspective piece, Methichai Thongpleo delves into the tumultuous landscape of Thai politics, highlighting the nation’s struggle between traditional power dynamics and the quest for genuine democracy.

As Thailand faces a pivotal moment post the 2023 elections, Thongpleo underscores the deepening generational divide and emphasizes the need for constructive dialogue to reimagine the nation’s democratic fabric.

Thai coalition joins forces with junta party

Thailand’s opposition-led coalition, including the Pheu Thai Party, is set to include the army-linked Palang Pracharath Party (PPRP) in the government as the political deadlock eases ahead of a vote for a new prime minister.

This move comes after the May general election and signals a shift in the political landscape.

Would-be Thai PM rejects graft claims, promises poverty action

Thai property magnate Srettha Thavisin, poised to be Thailand’s new prime minister, vows to address poverty and inequality. Amid corruption allegations, a confirmation vote follows a three-month political deadlock.

Srettha’s party, Pheu Thai, leads a coalition formed after a reformist party’s leader was denied the PM position by pro-military forces.

Thai court ruling prolongs political deadlock

Thailand’s Constitutional Court deferred a decision on election winner Pita Limjaroenrat’s prime ministerial challenge, extending political deadlock after a successful election for progressive parties.

Conservative Senate opposition and court deliberation hinder change despite MFP’s victory.

Winning party in Thai election excluded from coalition

The reformist Move Forward Party, winner of Thailand’s election, excluded from coalition formation due to resistance from military and pro-royalist senators, leaving the country in political deadlock.

Pheu Thai nominates tycoon Srettha Thavisin as its prime minister candidate. MFP’s push for lese-majeste reform led to their removal from the coalition.

Thailand’s political deadlock persists as Parliament postpones prime ministerial vote

Thailand’s political deadlock persists over two months after the General Election, as the parliament postpones a decisive vote for a new prime minister. Reformist candidate Pita Limjaroenrat’s path to premiership is blocked amidst constitutional disputes and opposition from military and pro-royalist senators, casting uncertainty over the country’s political future.