Putin accepts Kim’s invitation to visit North Korea

Russian President Vladimir Putin accepted an invitation to visit North Korea after a historic meeting with Kim Jong Un, raising concerns over potential arms agreements and a strengthening alliance between Russia, North Korea, and China in Northeast Asia.

Chinese delegation to visit Pyongyang for key anniversary: KCNA

Chinese officials, led by Vice Premier Liu Guozhong, will visit North Korea for its 75th founding day celebration on 9 September, highlighting the enduring alliance between the two nations.

This visit follows recent international interactions in North Korea and sparks speculation about a potential meeting between Kim Jong Un and Vladimir Putin.

North Korea fires two short-range ballistic missiles

North Korea conducted a tactical nuclear strike drill, firing short-range ballistic missiles in response to US-South Korean military exercises.

These missiles simulated scorched earth strikes and were launched from Pyongyang International Airport, sending a message to their adversaries amidst rising tensions in the region.