Indian movies vilifying Muslims spark fear ahead of polls

Controversial Bollywood films like “The Kerala Story” are accused of promoting cultural propaganda, spreading false narratives, and fueling divisions to support India’s ruling party ahead of elections, raising concerns about the role of cinema in shaping public opinion.

India’s Modi says working to end ethnic violence in Manipur

Indian PM Narendra Modi pledged to quell ethnic clashes in the remote northeast that have taken over 150 lives.

Amid criticism, he stressed for peace, unity, and resolution, promising government efforts towards ending violence and maintaining tranquility in Manipur.

India PM Modi’s government defeats no-confidence motion

Indian PM Narendra Modi’s government survived a no-confidence motion in parliament after a fiery debate, with opposition walkouts prompting Modi’s rebuke.

The motion, dismissed as pre-election strategy, highlighted tension over ethnic violence in Manipur state.

India’s central bank holds rates as food prices soar

India’s central bank kept rates steady due to higher food prices from extreme weather, warning of potential inflation spikes. Economists predict short-term breaches of the 6.0% limit due to rising crude oil and food costs.

The country’s robust growth persists, with projections at 6.5% for 2023-2024.

What provoked the ethnic violence in India’s Manipur?

Violence escalates in Manipur, India, with 120 killed in ethnic clashes since May. Meitei-Kuki tensions erupt over recognition, triggering unrest, displacement, and destruction. Government under scrutiny for response.