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MARA responds to alleged food poisoning incident at MRSM in Negri Sembilan, Malaysia

Kuala Klawang: The MARA Junior Science College (MRSM) canteen incident, involving rotten eggs and food poisoning, sparked social media attention. MARA acted swiftly, clarifying that no students were affected, emphasizing food safety, and reassuring parents.



food poisoning

MALAYSIA: The recent incident involving the MARA Junior Science College (MRSM) canteen in Kuala Klawang providing rotten eggs, resulting in students falling ill, garnered widespread attention on social media.

On Tuesday (31 Oct), an alarmed internet user took to her Facebook page, claiming that contaminated food had been distributed to students, leading to a significant outbreak of food poisoning.

Her allegations centred on the purported distribution of spoiled hard-boiled eggs to students at a MARA Junior Science College (MRSM) situated in Kuala Klawang, Negri Sembilan.

In swift response to the viral concern, the Chairman of MARA, Dr. Asyraf issued an official statement on his Facebook account on the same Tuesday (31 Oct), in which he announced his commitment to launching an investigation into this matter.

MARA ensures that no students suffered from food poisoning

MARA acted promptly in response to the situation at the Mara Junior Science College (MRSM) in Negri Sembilan, where students allegedly consumed a meal contaminated with rotten eggs.

The organization emphasized its commitment to addressing the issue, acknowledging the reported cases of food poisoning among several students in the MRSM Kuala Klawang dining hall.

In an official statement, MARA clarified that no students were affected by food poisoning, as had been circulated on social media.

The MRSM management took immediate action by contacting the District Health Office (PKD) for a thorough investigation of the cafeteria. The PKD’s inspection confirmed that the environmental hygiene practices were satisfactory, and the food handling processes adhered to established standards.

Subsequent to the inspection, the PKD and MRSM management issued warnings to the cafeteria operators, highlighting the importance of adherence to food safety protocols.

MARA remained proactive in monitoring MRSM students to ensure that none exhibited any symptoms of food poisoning.

As of now, no students have shown any signs of food poisoning, as was previously alleged. MARA stressed its ongoing commitment to ensuring that food suppliers comply with the Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for preparing meals for students.

In this regard, they encouraged parents not to be unduly concerned and to stay in contact with MRSM management for further updates.

MARA reiterated its dedication to the welfare and safety of all students at Mara Educational Institutions (IPMA), including MRSM, and emphasized its willingness to take appropriate action in accordance with established procedures should such incidents occur.

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i think the students already ate many many moldy eggs without noticing , so their immune system very stronk already. not all mold is visible, much like bread mold. or “white moss”, which is mostly harmless and might even have antibiotic effects.