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Public hospital websites in Singapore experience widespread outage

Several major Singaporean public hospitals and polyclinics encountered a substantial technical disruption on Nov 1, causing their websites to become inaccessible to users.

Prominent institutions like Singapore General Hospital, National University Hospital, and Tan Tock Seng Hospital were among those affected.



SINGAPORE: On Wednesday (Nov 1), numerous public hospitals and polyclinics in Singapore were hit by a significant technical disruption, rendering their websites inaccessible to users.

Among those affected were prominent healthcare institutions, including Singapore General Hospital, National University Hospital, and Tan Tock Seng Hospital.

Notably, the outage extended beyond individual hospital websites, impacting the online portals of Singapore’s three key public healthcare clusters: SingHealth, the National Healthcare Group, and National University Health System.

Users attempting to access these sites were met with error messages indicating that the respective URLs could not be retrieved.

The disruption also encompassed the website of Synapxe, the national health tech agency, which plays a crucial role in facilitating the operations of 46 public healthcare institutions, including acute hospitals and polyclinics.

Additionally, it supports a network of approximately 1,400 community partners, ranging from nursing homes to general practitioners.

In a related development, the website of the Agency for Integrated Care (AIC) was similarly affected, suggesting a widespread technical issue within the Singaporean healthcare digital infrastructure.

At 1:39 p.m., there were signs of recovery as the Synapse website became accessible to users once more. However, other public healthcare facilities’ websites continued to remain inaccessible, prolonging the inconvenience for users seeking online information and services.

As of now, the mobile phone applications of the affected hospitals remain functional, providing some respite amidst the website outages.

While the technical glitch appeared to be confined to the public healthcare sector, the websites of private hospitals, notably Mount Elizabeth Novena and Raffles Medical Group, remained unaffected, maintaining their online presence and services.

Amidst the disruptions, the Ministry of Health and HealthHub websites continued to operate smoothly, serving as reliable sources of information for concerned individuals.


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The SG healthcare system has been hacked many times before!
Still they are so incompetent and useless!!!
All the CECA Trash from India must be fired!!!

It will happen. The infrastructure cannot support the increase in population. The wear and tear will be faster.

The people demand the truth, nothing but the truth, why massive system breakdown from banking to now medical.
Will our MRT system goes haywire next??? The thought of it is already so scary.

Btw, dun need to BLAME me cos I am NOT responsible for the website OUTAGE … Maybe ask the Internet Service Provider ….

台湾女人最大。在新加波,谁最大?当然是自讲自话的政府最大。最大的白,最大的黑,最大的红禄蓝黄 … 人民只有小的份。

The 90,000 to 200, 000 hidden spy police cameras will meet the same fate – bcz it’s not their money. Money from Singapore’s Nat Reserves are dispensable to spend. When they DECRY SO LOUDLY Opposition proposing to INCREASE SPENDING for the Poor – why the PAP Administration make SO MUCH NOISES??

Any surprises? Overpopulation will cause outages as infrastructures may not be able to support increases.

Is there an Israeli proxy or Hamas proxy here in SG? Or rather the usual I T experts from the countries that we had FTAs?

Hope the relevant authorities CAN COME CLEAN on this GRAVE and SERIOUS ISSUE.

The PAP Administration has ALWAYS DESCRIBED opposition political misdemeanours AS GRAVE and SERIOUS. Hope they treat our Govt services under their political oversight the same.