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Singapore’s Transport Minister S. Iswaran spotted praying at temple, await CPIB probe update

Singapore’s Transport Minister, S. Iswaran, currently suspended over an ongoing investigation by the CPIB, was seen at a temple, as shared in a social media photo.

Netizens are once more showing concern about the probe’s progress, eager for updates from the CPIB regarding the case.



SINGAPORE: Singapore’s Transport Minister, S. Iswaran, who is currently suspended over an ongoing investigation by the Corrupt Practices Investigation Bureau (CPIB) completes its investigation, reportedly spotted in the public.

On Friday (20 Oct), the Singapore social media page “Our Singapore” shared a photo on Facebook, purportedly showing a man resembling Mr Iswaran at a temple.

The man, wearing glasses, is seen clasping his hands together in prayer.

The post wrote: “At Sri Mariamman temple in South Bridge Road. He seems to have lost a lot of weight and aged as well.”

It is unknown when the picture was taken.

A check on Mr. Iswaran’s official Facebook page indicates that it has remained inactive since July. The last post was published on the 10th of July, a day before he was arrested.

CPIBCorrupt Practices Investigation Bureau

Minister Iswaran and billionaire businessman Ong Beng Seng were arrested on 11 July and are currently cooperating with the authorities, although the specific nature of the probe remains undisclosed by CPIB.

Both have been released on bail with Minister Iswaran’s passport confiscated and instructed to take a leave of absence pending the investigation’s conclusion.

Meanwhile, the 79-year-old Ong Beng Seng, who also serves as the Grand Prix chairman, attended the F1 Singapore Grand Prix on the 16th of last month, despite the ongoing investigation into allegations of corruption.

Mr Iswaran’s reemergence in the public space, albeit in a low-profile manner, has once again sparked curiosity among netizens.

Mounting public concern surrounding CPIB investigation progress

Some have expressed their concern regarding the ongoing probe and are eager to know the updates from the CPIB’s investigation on the case.

In a Parliament sitting on 2 August, PM Lee informed Parliament that the CPIB had come across information regarding Minister Iswaran that warranted further investigation and notified him of this on 29 May. The CPIB then independently pursued this lead further.

On 5 July, the Director of CPIB briefed the Prime Minister on the findings, explaining that a formal interview with Minister Iswaran was required to advance the investigation. PM Lee approved this on 6 July. Five days later, on 11 July, Minister Iswaran was brought in by the CPIB and was subsequently released on bail.

Minister Iswaran remain in Singapore amidst the investigation and will be denied access to any official resources and government buildings.

PM Lee also confirmed that Iswaran’s monthly salary has been reduced to S$8,500 until further notice as he was relieved of his ministerial duties.

It’s noteworthy that ministerial salaries were last adjusted in 2012 and, at the benchmark level, a minister’s monthly salary stands at S$55,000, translating to an annual salary of S$1,100,000. The fixed portion of this salary is S$715,000, with the rest being variable.

While the investigation is ongoing, PM Lee cautioned against speculation and conjecture. He underscored the importance of allowing the CPIB to conduct the investigation fully, thoroughly, and independently.

In September, Hazel Poa, a Non-Constituency Member of Parliament (NCMP) representing the Progress Singapore Party (PSP), submitted a motion to suspend Iswaran from his parliamentary duties for the remainder of the current session of the 14th Parliament.

The purpose is to halt his receipt of the MP allowance, which amounts to S$192,500 annually, during the ongoing investigation by the CPIB, during which he is not carrying out official duties.

The motion, however, was rejected by the Parliament, which is predominantly PAP.


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Another slap on the hand only?

Look alike, yeah.. perhaps can make the look-alike a victim?

Wah why the case took so long?

Must be the mount huge? Calculator cannot punch in all the figures? tsk tsk tsk

What do you think?

No lah….one day jail lah…go in at 9am….check out at 5pm…..DONE!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣😂😆😆

Most effective method to lose weight….straight less than 1 month can drop 20 kg or more…just get invitation by CPIB to drink KOPI GAO…not only lose weight, straight away can aged
more than 10 to 15 yrs older!
CPIB should consider opening a ‘ Weight loss’ business as side line to their main biz!😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

No lah, the guy in the temple is just a look-alike praying to hit the lottery/TOTO grand prize. Our million$ PM/ministers consider themselves as demi-gods, why would they need to pray-pray for anything?

The longer the CPIB takes to conclude its investigation, the greater the suspicion that something is afoot to whitewash the case.

Since OBS was running around during the F1 and now Iswaran is reportedly seen at a temple, it simply allows our imagination to go wild.

Was Iswaran at the temple to pray for redemption or was he there to offer some thanksgiving?

coz he has nothing to hide???

comment image

Why not ask Taman Jurong Pineapple King to do unification ? tsk tsk tsk

What do you think?

A few embarrassing events, such as the Keppel scandal etc, have all been found non event. If Ong Beng Seng can move around as if nothing wrong has happened, Singaporeans believe minister Iswaran will similarly be found not guilty.
Tax payers money will be wasted with the supposedly thorough investigation

PM cooking the case like the two Ministers? 3 to 4 months? Must be a gourmet dinner being prepared for the Public.

He has been assisting CPIB since July.
The most hardworking mini star!
The case must be “very complex” and “very complicated”.

comment image

Iswaran got pray at Mariamman Temple. Masagos, Lee Hsien Loong & Vivian go pray in Medina Saudi Arabia. Hahaha.
God only helps those who help themselves.
Not those who screw people up.

Well if CPIB screws up this time. Singapore might go bye bye, like Gaza. Hahaha

Mee Siam Hum going to say Lets Move On?

As mentioned a few times, All MP’s should serve Full Time !!

Why? Aren’t they paid $16k to $17k a month from tax payers money?

Why? Isn’t it good if they can focus on helping Singaporeans bring food on the table

What doo you think?

When Iswaran party all night, he go temple? No!
Now, during investigation, he becomes Holy!?
Puthucheary, Singaporeans all Racists! Yet he an EX MALAYSIAN never serve NS is spilling NON sense!

Why worry so much? Only going to be ‘Stern Warning’. Pups all got issued with ‘Get Out Of Jail Free’ card mah.

Getting FIT & healthy before entering the “slammer” with OBS as his CELL partner???!!!