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Truck collision toppled lamppost in Bras Basah Singapore, 36-year-old driver hospitalized

A harrowing incident unfolded in Bras Basah, Singapore, as a truck collision upended a lamppost, sending shockwaves through pedestrians near the intersection of Jalan Bras Basah and Jalan Prinsep. The truck driver was swiftly hospitalized, and police inquiries are ongoing.




SINGAPORE: On the morning of Wednesday (11 Oct), an incident transpired in Bras Basah, Singapore, when a truck veered and collided with a lamppost.

The force of the impact led to the truck toppling onto its side and resulted in the entire lamppost crashing to the ground, narrowly avoiding a pedestrian nearby.

Video evidence captured the presence of several onlookers at the scene, with most managing to evade the impending collision.

The occurrence was later documented in footage that surfaced on the Facebook page.

In the video, a pedestrian can be observed hastily darting away upon spotting the approaching truck at the intersection of Bras Basah Road and Prinsep Street.

Thankfully, the pedestrian remained unharmed, but the truck made contact with an adjacent lamppost, causing it to collapse to the ground.

Simultaneously, the truck tilted onto its side and skidded across the road until it came into contact with a curb on the opposite side.

Additional pedestrians were seen fleeing the scene in an effort to avoid the falling lamppost and the skidding truck.

Conscious 36-year-old truck driver hospitalized

According to reports from The Straits Times, the police were alerted to the accident involving a pick-up truck around 7:40 am at the junction of Bras Basah Road and Prinsep Street.

It was suspected that the truck had skidded off its intended path, and remarkably, the driver remained conscious throughout the incident.

In the aftermath, a fallen lamppost lay in front of the School of the Arts Singapore building, with debris strewn around the area.

Meanwhile, a Nissan pick-up truck was left on its side in front of an eatery across the road.

The Singapore Civil Defence Force (SCDF) received notification at the same time as the police.

Subsequently, the SCDF said the  36-year-old male truck driver was taken to the Singapore General Hospital for medical attention.

The police have initiated investigations into the circumstances surrounding the accident.

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