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Act of kindness by Thai TikToker, Nurse Count Dao, inspires compassion and empathy

Thai TikTok sensation, Nurse Count Dao (suphaporn9949), is winning hearts with her compassionate act of aiding a homeless man. Known for her charming videos and stylish outfits, she showcased empathy by treating the man’s foot wound, highlighting the impact of small gestures and the importance of empathy in society. Her followers commend her for her compassion and going beyond her professional duties.



THAILAND: A well-known TikTok personality, suphaporn9949, who also goes by the name Nurse Count Dao, recently posted a touching video that deeply resonated with her audience due to her act of kindness.

Known for her cute content and charming personality, she is famous for her videos, often playfully teased as the ‘nurse in children’s clothes’ due to her penchant for wearing stylish outfits outside of work hours.

In a video shared on her TikTok account, Nurse Count Dao encountered an elderly man who appeared to be homeless while visiting a convenience store in the late hours.

Initially, she intended to purchase a meal for the man.

However, her attention was quickly diverted when she noticed a severe wound on his foot.


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In her own words, Nurse Count Dao described the emotional moment: “I went to a convenience store at 1 am and saw him sitting there. I thought I’d buy him a meal. But when I gave him the food, I saw the wound on his foot. I was very shocked.

“I was thinking of two options, whether to go back to my room or look for materials to treat his wound. In the end, I decided to treat his wound and bought him painkillers,” she said.

The elderly man explained to Nurse Count Dao that he had been injured by a car a long time ago but couldn’t afford proper treatment.

This act of kindness serves as a reminder of the profound impact individuals can make in the lives of others, even through small, compassionate gestures.

It also underscores the ongoing challenges faced by the less fortunate and the crucial need for greater empathy and understanding within society.

Nurse Count Dao’s actions are an example of the positive influence that social media personalities can have when they use their platform for good.

Her dedicated followers have praised her not only for her charming content but also for her genuine compassion and willingness to go beyond her professional duties to help those in need.

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