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Gym-goer traumatized by alleged ‘peeping tom’ incident in Singapore gym

In a distressing incident at Strength Masters Gym, Singapore, Drealya Tan, a 26-year-old fitness instructor, was allegedly filmed during a cold shower by a Peeping Tom on September 29th.

Tan’s harrowing experience left her traumatized, demanding answers and accountability from the gym and the police.

The gym’s response to the incident initially frustrated her, as the owner questioned her for involving the police and suggested resolving the matter privately. However, the gym later clarified that there was a “misunderstanding” and pledged cooperation with the police to identify the culprits.



SINGAPORE: A routine visit to a gym turned into a harrowing ordeal for Drealya Tan, a 26-year-old fitness instructor, when she was allegedly filmed by a peeping tom during a cold shower.

The incident occurred on 29 September at Strength Masters Gym in Tai Seng, Singapore, leaving Tan deeply traumatized and demanding answers.

Tan started her workout session at approximately 6 p.m.

When the gym grew busier an hour later, she opted to head to the showers to conclude her visit.

However, upon undressing and stepping into the cold water, she became aware of an iPhone positioned beneath the shower stall, its camera lens directed at her.

Terrified and seeking help, she screamed but received no assistance, as there was no staff member on duty at the time.

In a state of shock, she decided to call the police, further adding to her distress.

“I felt helpless and violated. I cried while trying to call the gym staff multiple times, but no one answered. In a state of shock and trembling, I decided to call the police,” she stated.

Gym owner ‘made me feel like I’m at fault’

The gym’s response to the incident was met with frustration by Tan.

She stated that the gym owner questioned her for contacting the police before him and suggested resolving the matter privately, a move she found unsettling.

“He also told me to tell the police to leave, and I would ‘see the gym owner and iron this out’,” said Tan, assuring that they could resolve the matter privately as “things will get very ugly.”

“I felt angry and guilty at first since he made me feel like I’m at fault.

“Now that it happened, I feel like he’s just trying to not have a bad reputation for his gym which I completely understand.”

Subsequently, Tan revealed that the owner apologized after reviewing CCTV footage showing two male gym users near the female restroom.

Incident left Tan traumatized

This traumatic experience has had severe repercussions on Tan’s mental health, affecting her ability to ‘function properly.’

“I didn’t dare to leave home in the past two days. I went to work yesterday, and today is my day off.

“This incident has severely impacted my mental health,” she said.

In an Instagram post, she expressed concerns that the compromising videos may have been shared online, leaving her feeling unsafe in Singapore.

Nevertheless, she is determined to overcome this ordeal and demand accountability from the gym and the police.

Gym clarifies “misunderstanding,” vows cooperation with police

Strength Masters Gym released a statement on 3 September, asserting that there was a “misunderstanding” during their initial conversation with Tan and denying any suggestion of resolving the matter privately.

The gym emphasized its cooperation with the police, expressing regret for the misunderstanding and extending apologies to Tan.

They also pledged to work closely with law enforcement to identify the perpetrators.

The Singapore Police confirmed they received a call for assistance at Strength Masters Gym on 29 September and stated that investigations are ongoing.

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This kind of woman should be banned from using social media and best banned from using any social media and send to work in some farms in China.
This would remove her paronoid personality caused by, none other than she thinking too highly of herself and her own ‘SELF WORTH’ which is actually….zero!😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

How traumatic can it be? As an old 65 year old, I don’t get it. I just don’t.

Sue the gym.

Likely planning on making some extra cash by selling the videos. Yes, there is an informal economy for everything.