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Malaysian motorcyclist attacked after honking at reckless driver; investigation underway

A motorcyclist severely injured after honking at reckless driver. Three men attacked him at a traffic light intersection in South Klang. Malaysian police has launched investigation into the shocking road rage incident, seeking the culprits.




MALAYSIA: A now-deleted video was once shared on the Facebook account known as KAMI Pengguna JALAN RAYA on Monday (2 Oct).

This video captured a distressing incident in which a 21-year-old motorcyclist found himself surrounded by three men.

Shockingly, these individuals allegedly attacked the young motorcyclist because he had honked his horn.

The incident unfolded at the Jalan Langat-Klang traffic light intersection, with the victim heading towards Klang.

As a result of the altercation, the motorcyclist sustained severe injuries.

According to Assistant Commissioner Cha Hoong Fong, the Chief of South Klang District Police, the victim had honked his horn at a Proton Saga car that was driving recklessly, narrowly avoiding a collision.

This act led to a heated confrontation at the intersection, during which one of the car’s occupants physically assaulted the motorcyclist.

The victim, a local citizen, took the step of filing a police report at 12.44 am on Monday (2 Oct), detailing the horrifying events that occurred on Sunday (1 Oct), at 7.15 pm local time.

During the altercation, the victim was forcibly removed from his motorcycle, subjected to strangulation, and endured punches to his face and kicks to his stomach and legs.

Assistant Commissioner Cha Hoong Fong described the violence unleashed upon the victim, resulting in severe pain, swelling on his lips, ribs, and legs, and financial losses of RM250 (US$53) due to motorcycle damage.

Although local bystanders tried to intervene and end the violence, the attacker remained relentless.

Before leaving the scene, the aggressor further vented his anger by repeatedly kicking the victim’s motorcycle, causing additional damage.

Three suspects arrested under the influence of drugs

Three suspects, believed to have been under the influence of drugs, were apprehended by the South Klang District Police.

Assistant Commissioner Cha Hoong Fong, the South Klang District Police Chief, disclosed that these individuals, aged 28 to 39, and employed as tow truck workers, were arrested in the Klang district around 6.30 pm on Monday (2 Oct).

Further examination through urine screening confirmed that the primary suspect had tested positive for methamphetamine.

Additionally, investigations are underway, revealing that all three suspects have prior records related to drug-related offenses. This information was conveyed in a statement issued on Tuesday (3 Oct)

Police investigation

Law enforcement has initiated an investigation into the incident under Section 323/427 of the Penal Code, citing offenses related to intentionally causing injury and treachery.

The penalties for these offenses may include prison sentences of up to one year, fines of up to RM2,000 (US$423), or both for causing injury, and not less than one year and not more than five years, fines, or both for treachery.

The police are actively working to locate and apprehend the suspects involved in this incident.

Individuals with information regarding the incident are encouraged to visit the nearest police station or contact the South Klang District Police Headquarters (IPD) at 03-33762222 to assist with the ongoing investigation.

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