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Surge in electric motorbike popularity in Indonesia sparks safety concerns for young riders

Indonesia’s surging electric motorbike trend is causing safety concerns, particularly among young riders.

As the popularity of these eco-friendly vehicles grows, calls for stricter regulations and enhanced safety measures are on the rise



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MAKASSAR, INDONESIA: The rising popularity of electric motorbikes is sweeping across Indonesia, as an increasing number of residents are making the switch to these eco-friendly vehicles.

Encouraging this trend, the government is offering a generous subsidy of IDR 7 million (US$451) per identity card for the purchase of electric motorbikes.

This financial incentive has not only attracted individual buyers but has also spurred innovation in the tourism industry.

Numerous tourist attractions are now providing electric motorbike rentals, transforming the way visitors explore their surroundings.

Beyond the realm of tourism, local residents are also getting in on the action, offering electric motorbike rentals within their neighborhoods.

These rentals typically require borrowers to provide collateral in the form of an identity card or student card, although some offer more lenient terms.

For tourists, the rental rates generally range from IDR 70,000 (US$4.5) to IDR 150,000 (US$9.6), depending on the location and duration of use.

In residential areas, hourly rentals are more affordable, typically priced at around IDR 15,000 (US$1).

The appeal of electric bicycles extends not only to adults but also to underage children, a phenomenon that has garnered significant public attention.

Unfortunately, this newfound popularity among children has raised safety concerns, as a number of accidents involving young riders on public roads have been reported.

A recent incident captured on TikTok, posted on Sunday (1 Oct) by user puteputri10, underscores the dangers associated with children operating electric motorbikes.

This particular incident occurred at the Center Point of Indonesia (CPI), Makassar.


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♬ suara asli – Putristudio – Putristudio

In the video, two children clad in black can be seen riding an electric motorbike, which subsequently collides with a parked red car.

The dramatic footage shows other electric motorbike riders abruptly stopping to witness the incident.

However, the two children, clearly bewildered, eventually flee the scene, leaving behind the rented electric motorbike.

A separate video uploaded by the same user reveals that the incident took place at 07.30 pm local time.

The uploader explains that the children abandoned the electric motorbike and fled with their family in a car.

This video has garnered nearly two million views and has sparked a significant response from netizens.

Many have expressed their concerns about the risks associated with children using electric motorbikes.

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One netizen shared a tragic story of a nearby accident involving a child who lost their life while riding an electric bicycle.


Several others believe that regulations should be put in place to restrict the sale and rental of electric bicycles, requiring licenses for their use, similar to conventional motorbikes.

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