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Singaporean woman’s disturbing encounter with Grab driver during Johor Bahru trip

A Singaporean traveler’s journey to Johor Baru took a harrowing turn when her Grab driver subjected her to uncomfortable questions and invasive behavior. Her TikTok video recounting the distressing encounter serves as a stark reminder of the importance of ride safety and vigilance while traveling.




SINGAPORE: A recent unsettling encounter in Johor Bahru serves as a stark reminder for tourists who rely on ride-hailing services like Grab while exploring foreign lands.

This cautionary tale revolves around a Singaporean woman named Alayna, who took to TikTok (22 Sep) to share her unsettling experience with a Grab driver during her solo trip to Johor Bahru a few months ago.

Alayna’s adventure to a firefly park led her to seek out a private driver for the journey, a necessity given the park’s remote location.

She had previously encountered the Grab driver in question during a prior ride, where he had advertised his private services.

Alayna, willing to pay extra for the convenience, decided to book him for her excursion.

However, her trip took a bizarre and distressing turn as soon as she stepped into his vehicle.

Singaporean woman faces harassment from Grab driver during ride

The driver, whom she recognized from her previous ride, began to scrutinize her with an uncomfortable intensity, a far cry from her previous experience with him.

As the journey progressed, the discomfort escalated with each passing mile.


I dont think I’ve ever felt so scared in my entire life 🫠 #malaysiatiktok #johorbahru #sgtravel

♬ original sound – alayna 😛 – alayna 🌙

The driver bombarded Alayna with unsettling questions, including why she had chosen to visit what he deemed a “dangerous place” like Johor Bahru.

To make matters worse, he even insinuated potential harm, asking if she was fearful of being kidnapped since she was alone with him in the car.

Alayna’s shock was palpable, but she attempted to dismiss his behavior as mere awkwardness.

Her ordeal continued even after reaching the firefly park, with the driver delving into inappropriate topics, sharing details of his past relationships, and making racist remarks.

Alayna, eager to avoid further interaction, resorted to responding with curt one-word answers.

Recognizing her discomfort, the driver took an even more invasive turn by inquiring about her personal life, including an incredibly intrusive question about her virginity.

Alayna couldn’t help but reflect on the unnerving moment in her TikTok video, where she shared her story with a mix of disbelief and nervous laughter.

Despite her fear, Alayna remained silent until she safely reached her Airbnb, even going so far as to tip the driver out of concern that he might resort to untoward actions.

She concluded her video with a solemn piece of advice for her viewers:

“Get recommendations from friends, look up online and go for those highly-rated ones. Another takeaway would be to always trust your gut feelings.”

Video elicits sympathy and concern from netizens

The video garnered considerable attention, amassing over 98 thousand views and garnering sympathy and concern from netizens.

Many shared their gratitude that Alayna emerged from her ordeal unharmed, emphasizing the importance of booking rides through official agencies or companies to mitigate such unpleasant experiences.

grab grab

Some advised against revealing solo travel plans, suggesting it’s safer to imply meeting a companion.


Additionally, several netizens emphasized the significance of sharing travel details with trusted contacts to ensure prompt assistance in case of emergencies.

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Many others expressed their gratitude to Alayna for sharing her story, recognizing its potential as a valuable lesson for everyone.

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Looks like another Media corp Drama Queen. Why never record during the ride. Phone got no battery is it???? Hello, talk to hand.

I believed that the lady passenger should provide a feedback