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Malaysian woman’s viral video exposes alarming highway harassment incident

In a viral TikTok video, Munirah shares her harrowing experience of enduring relentless harassment on a Malaysian highway. This incident sheds light on the urgent need for women’s safety and the importance of vigilance, prompting discussions on strategies to combat such situations.




MALAYSIA: A recently uploaded TikTok video depicting an incident of harassment has garnered attention from netizens.

This unsettling issue has created an atmosphere of unease, making even public places appear daunting.

For girls seeking to ensure their safety, it’s advisable to have a companion accompany you wherever you go.

Recently, a video shared on Munirah’s TikTok page (meerjnr) went viral on Sunday (Sep 17).


This happened to me a few days back coming back from outstation work. Ingat pesan saya, nobody is safe. Kau hodoh pun kau masih kena. Be right back gonna make my tinted 100% 😭🤘🏼#roadbully #fyp #staysafe

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In the video, a woman can be seen enduring harassment from aggressive individuals while driving on the PLUS Highway from Yong Peng to Senawang.

According to her, she endured nearly an hour of harassment from a man driving a pickup truck, describing it as a harrowing experience.

The victim explained that her vehicle was repeatedly tampered with because the male driver sought to obtain her mobile phone number.

“Whether I sped up or slowed down, he matched my pace,” the woman recounted.

She further shared that the perpetrators urged her to stop under false pretenses of warning about a potential issue with her vehicle, such as a flat tire or smoking engine.

However, their intentions were clear – they wanted her number.

Despite her attempts to evade the situation, the harassers persisted, showing no regard for her well-being.

Woman’s terrifying ordeal on highway prompts panic and tears

In a remarkable turn of events, Munirah managed to manoeuvre her vehicle to the left lane of the highway and escape to a nearby rest area, effectively shaking off her tormentors.

Relieved that the man was unable to pursue her, she found herself crying in her car due to the extreme fear she had just experienced.

Although initially considering checking her vehicle’s condition outside, she ultimately decided against it, as the trauma of the incident weighed heavily on her.

In light of this harrowing experience, Munirah imparts a vital message to all women: vigilance is key.

She underscores that appearances can be deceiving, and it’s unwise to assume that individuals who appear ‘ordinary’ won’t pose a threat.

It is reassuring to note that Munirah ultimately reached her destination safely.

Public reaction to women’s safety

The video, which has garnered 741 thousand views, has prompted people to share their thoughts and opinions on the matter.

Several individuals have suggested that Munirah consider tinting her car windows, as this would conceal her gender and potentially deter potential harassers.

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Many netizens expressed empathy for the daily challenges women face, highlighting the unfortunate reality that harassment can happen anywhere.

harassment harassment

In the comments section of the extended video, some users recommended that Munirah promptly report the incident to the police, emphasizing the importance of dash cam recordings and capturing the perpetrators’ number plates as evidence.


Munirah has assured her followers that she will indeed report the incident to the authorities.

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