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Malaysian SUV owner faces backlash for dazzling rear spotlight installation

A Malaysian SUV owner has caused a stir by installing a blinding rear spotlight on their vehicle, sparking outrage among fellow road users.

This unsafe modification has led to concerns about road safety in Malaysia, with many voicing their displeasure on social media.




MALAYSIA: In the world of automobile enthusiasts, modifying your vehicle is a canvas for personal expression, far from the mundane factory designs that just don’t resonate with discerning tastes.

However, it’s paramount to respect the prevailing laws and regulations governing these enhancements, as they are designed to safeguard not only the driver but also fellow road users.

Consider this recent SUV modification that has taken the internet by storm, as shared by X user @HezeriSamsuri on Tuesday (19 Sep).

Not only does it irk other road users, but it also introduces the peril of accidents by obstructing the road’s visibility.

“Typically, if you wish to incorporate a rear spotlight, include a switch with a discernible LED light and position it where it’s easily seen. ”

“This way, when you turn it on, you’ll be aware of its operation as the switch illuminates red. Let’s show some consideration for those behind us,” Hezeri expressed in the caption.

In the video, a Honda SUV bearing a Penang registration plate can be observed activating an LED spotlight affixed to its rear, effectively dazzling drivers trailing behind.

The video’s original poster remains unidentified, but Hezeri extends gratitude to the individual for sharing it with a wider audience.

At the time of writing, the 25-second video has amassed over 486 thousand views.

Road safety concerns

Filmed from the vehicle positioned behind the SUV, the footage unequivocally illustrates how the spotlight adversely affects fellow road users.

A humorous overlay text in the video playfully suggests that drivers trailing the SUV are headed for a ‘brilliant future.’

In the comments section of the post, numerous Malaysians voiced their disdain for the SUV owner’s blinding rear light, which poses a genuine threat to road safety.

One netizen amusingly remarked that this is perhaps the only occasion where a driver is ‘permitted’ to perpetually activate their high beams.


Meanwhile, another commenter pointed out that such a spotlight could trigger migraines for those sharing the road.


Another netizen speculated that the car owner might not understand the discomfort of light sensitivity, which possibly motivated the installation of this blinding addition.


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