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PTC announces 7% hike in bus and train fares, more than double last year’s increase

Public Transport Council (PTC) has announced a 7% increase in bus and train fares effective from December, marking a surge more than double that of the previous year. Commuters can expect to pay an extra 10 to 11 cents per journey.



SINGAPORE: Adult commuters are set to pay an additional 10 to 11 cents per journey starting December, following the Public Transport Council’s (PTC) announcement on Monday regarding a 7% hike in bus and train fares. This increase is notably more than double that of last year’s adjustment.

The newly revealed fares, effective from 23 December 2023, are a result of PTC’s annual fare review. The prospect of even sharper hikes looms as the PTC continues to defer a large portion of the fare adjustment quantum to future reviews.

Breaking it down, adult card fares will go up by 10 cents for trips up to 4.2 km and 11 cents for longer distances. Adult cash fares for bus rides will rise by 20 cents, though monthly travel passes will remain at S$128.

This 11-cent increment marks the highest in recent times, given that the last significant increase of 7% was from a lower base in 2019.

However, there’s some relief for concession cardholders, including students, seniors, low-wage workers, and persons with disabilities, who will face a smaller hike of 4 to 5 cents, depending on the distance.

Their cash fares for buses will see an increase of 10 cents. Approximately two million Singaporeans fall into these concessionary categories.

Concession pass holders, particularly students, seniors, and full-time National Servicemen, can expect a 10% reduction in their hybrid monthly passes.

Furthermore, passes for individuals with disabilities will now cost S$58, matching the pricing for seniors.

The new workfare transport hybrid monthly concession pass, introduced for lower-wage workers, is set at S$96.

A flashback to the 2022 fare review reveals a 2.9% fare increase. Interestingly, this year’s 7% rise is a mere fraction of the potential 22.6% increase, which combines last year’s deferred hike of 10.6% and this year’s 12%.

PTC’s Chair, Janet Ang, emphasized the decision to cap the fare increase at 7% was influenced by the present higher cost environment, marked by core inflation, robust wage growth, and surging energy prices.

This capsulation means that 15.6% will be carried forward to future reviews.

PTC’s Chief Executive, Tan Kim Hong, underlined the potential of more fare hikes in upcoming years, but the challenge remains in striking a balance between commuter needs and taxpayer contributions.

He also emphasized that the previous fare formula (2018-2022) is outdated due to the current operating environment. The new formula introduced this year aims to align with the changing dynamics, especially with ridership not fully rebounding to pre-pandemic levels.

The government will extend its support, with an additional subsidy of about S$300 million for this year’s fare review, up from last year’s S$200 million.

In conjunction, transport operators SBS Transit and SMRT Trains are mandated to significantly contribute to the Public Transport Fund, amounting to a collective S$15.85 million.

The PTC suggests these funds be used to offer further assistance to lower-income households via public transport vouchers, ensuring that transportation remains accessible for all Singaporeans.

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Cars are marked up by 3 times. Car ownership requires purchasing of COEs, paying of road tax. Bus infrastructure is essentially bought and paid for by taxpayers through LTA. Yet somehow bus fares keep going up? Now MRT infrastructure is bought for and paid for by taxpayers. Yet MRT fares are going up? Does any of this make sense to the 70%? Feeling the Voter’s remorse yet? The ruling government rakes in $Billions$ from car owners. Why is this money not going into subsidising public transport? If Malaysia can have free bus services for citizens (though they are basic), why… Read more »

PTC highlighted that the fare increase is due to “…higher cost environment, marked by core inflation, robust wage growth, and surging energy prices..”. But why it doesn’t mentioned what profits SBS, Tower Transit and SMRT are making this year compared with previous years? Everyone knows PTC is helping the transport operators, not the commuters – ensuring operator’s profitability is one criteria in PTC formula for fare hike but not Quality of Service to commuters. Go figure.

NICE… the pinch of salt, more is coming ON e way… wondering aloud, who did this UNTO themselves asking for it?

What can citizens say or do? The Gov have the power, citizens who voted them don’t. So just have to follow and accept all the excuses given for such increase just like the hint for the water pricing. Who don’t want more money as they mentioned. I remember sometime back when debated in parliament regarding concession pricing for seniors, it was mentioned that how much more extra we need to charge the full paying passenger to cover for this additional concession. So in fact there isn’t any real concession. Public transport fund money has to come from somewhere and normal… Read more »

Sinkies are surely loving the G they put in place. Up up and away.

SillyPore’s certainly the place to be, … bucking all trends indeed !!!

Coe prices, public housing sales and resale prices, GST and now public transportation too, … all on the up and up !!!

All SillyPoreans must be mightily proud holding onto the most powerful passport in the most expensive dot, and now, … the most “progressive” island worldwide !!!

Bravo indeed !!!

Remember – whatever amount of increases the pap placed on us before GE 2025 will not be as high as after the GE. After GE higher increases is almost assured. So vote wisely, vote them out so that their insatiable increases for their obscene profits will be checked and ceased altogether. Don’t be fooled by their subsidies. VTO!

Surely this is for strategic reasons right? If the increase comes next year, when GST also increases by 1%, then it will be difficult to explain the increase in fares is not due to GST. An increase is an increase, what can Singaporeans say or do?