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80-year-old security officer allegedly assaulted during night patrol at Bedok Central

During a Bedok Central night patrol on Sunday, an 80-year-old security officer was reportedly assaulted.

The Union of Security Employees (USE) is now advocating for justice and enhanced security officer protection in response to this distressing incident.



SINGAPORE: An unfortunate incident unfolded during a night patrol in Bedok Central last Sunday (10 Sept), as an 80-year-old security officer was allegedly punched in the face while performing his duty.

The incident has prompted a response from the Union of Security Employees (USE), which is calling for justice and greater protection for security officers.

The USE, in a recent Facebook post on Thursday, brought attention to the shocking attack that occurred in the early hours of 10 September.

According to the USE’s account of the incident, the victim, Mr Kwek Moh Chai, an 80-year-old security officer and a member of USE, was deployed to a public area in Bedok Central that night.

At approximately 2:00 AM, Mr Kwek began his routine patrol of the area. During his rounds, he noticed a man sleeping on a public bench, a clear violation of regulations.

He promptly informed the man of the violation, leading the man to leave the bench as instructed.

Second confrontation turns violent

Mr Kwek continued his rounds and found the same man repeating the same act. When he reached out to him this time round, the man got agitated and started hurling vulgarities at him.

The man allegedly punched Mr Kwek on the face, causing him to fall and break his spectacles.

Two restaurant workers came to Mr Kwek’s aid, restraining the assailant and promptly alerting the police.

Photographs taken following the incident revealed lacerations and swelling on Mr Kwek’s face, further highlighting the severity of the assault.

He was immediately transported to a hospital for medical treatment and placed on medical leave.

The USE has expressed deep concern over the incident and emphasized that security officers play a crucial role in safeguarding lives and property.

“They are executing their duties as provided for under the Private Security Industry Act. The PSIA was enhanced in May 2022 to offer officers more protection. We hope the assailant will be dealt with firmly under the law. ”

They have also called upon witnesses and the public to come forward with any information related to abuses of security officers, either through the USE app or by emailing [email protected].

In the meantime, the USE has extended quick relief vouchers and essential support to Mr Kwek as he recuperates from the assault.

The organization has also called for the community to join them in wishing Brother Kwek a swift and complete recovery.

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TCJ : exercising.

wow, here not only the world-highest minister salaries
but also the world-oldest security guard!

comment image

LKY 100 yr commemoration.
LKY did mention No Retirement for All Sinkie.

Earning the highest top civil service income at Ministries, various government agencies and GLC but little help to the low and no income suffering seniors, incapable and physically and mentally disabled here. Such that a number have to really work till the last breath and drop dead while working

Which idiotic minister or speaker who argued that the very elderly chose to work because they are bored and wanted to occupy their time? Without the living wage, Singapore will continue to see the very old struggle to survive. And even now the G refuses to accept the Minimum Income Standards (MIS) report by the lecturers. After the Presidential Election, the PAP has their own now as President although admittedly by popular acclaim. We must correct this imbalance by getting in more opposition into parliament. Our target should be to deprive the PAP the two thirds majority by the time… Read more »

Song bo, daft Sinkie…80 yr old still security guard!
Better make it 90 yr old lah or better still 100 yr old ,so when die also can have 100 yr celebration like LKY!😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣🤣

Why do we do this to our elderly? 80 years old, if Canadian citizen, monthly living wage, $1600/- will be in his account. All transportation and medical fees are free once you cross 65years. Singaporeans do not know the difference between First World living and third world so they keep voting in the PAP destroying the lives of our elderly. Our toddlers are also not safe in day care. The State is a failure if the two most vulnerable groups are not protected and cared for.

80 years old still have to work so hard on graveyard shifts to make a living in Singapore? Or is he just exercising like the disgraced TCJ used to claim?This is the true, sad state of affairs in Singapore. Wealthy state coffers, obscenely paid billionaires politicians but the aged, poor citizens have to work until they drop dead on the job. Voters who keep voting for pap – your turn will come when you drop dead on your job. Bet on it or vote pap out. You are responsible for your choice.