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Delivery rider seeks compensation of S$5,300 after collision with vehicle in Yishun

In a late-night incident on September 11 in Yishun, a delivery rider collided with a vehicle, seeking S$5,300 in compensation for phone damage and lost income. Video by SG Road Vigilante captured the incident on a quiet road, where the rider, without a helmet or headlight, darted out from an alley. After the accident, the rider contacted the driver, requesting compensation for bike damage, phone repair, and income loss.



SINGAPORE: In a late-night incident on September 11, a delivery rider in Yishun collided with a vehicle after unexpectedly darting out from an alley.

Although the rider escaped serious injuries, he is now seeking compensation totaling S$5,300, which includes costs for his damaged phone and loss of income.

The accident, captured on video by SG Road Vigilante, occurred around 12.55 am on September 11 at Yishun Industrial Street 1.


The footage showed a quiet two-way road with the dashcam vehicle being the only moving one present.

Suddenly, a cyclist emerged from an adjacent alley, leading to an unavoidable collision.

Notably, the delivery rider was not wearing a helmet and lacked a headlight on his bicycle.

Following the incident, the rider contacted the driver, with their conversation’s screenshots shared on social media.

Screenshot of driver and rider’s chat. (Photo: SG Road Vigilante/Facebook)

In one message, the rider requested S$5,300 in compensation, breaking down the costs as S$1,500 for bike damages, S$1,800 for the damaged phone, and S$2,000 to cover his loss of income.

Netizen suggested that the insurance agents deal with it instead

Commenters on the video suggested involving the police and letting insurance agents handle the matter.

Some noted that the rider’s e-bike license might be at risk due to apparent traffic violations, while others considered the possibility of a claim for physical injuries.


Certain individuals even harbor suspicions that the entire situation might be an intricately planned scheme or tactic.

However, it was emphasized that the rider’s claim for property damage could be challenged due to alleged failure to observe traffic rules.

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I also had accident at a condo but the management play games with me and never call me back despite repeated calls to them. In sg it seems you need money to engage lawyers to fight a case. If amount is a few k these dishonest people bully you knowing it costs money to sue them.