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Overseas votes swing 76.2% in favor of Tharman in 2023 Presidential Election

Overseas votes for the 2023 Presidential Election revealed a pronounced lean towards Tharman Shanmugaratnam, with him securing 76.2% of the counted votes.

This strong overseas backing nudged his winning percentage up by 0.01%, further solidified the support that Tharman has as the Singapore’s ninth president.



SINGAPORE: The Elections Department at 11 Novena Rise today released the tallies for the overseas votes cast in the 2023 Presidential Election, revealing a pronounced preference for Tharman Shanmugaratnam among Singaporean citizens abroad.

On 2 September, Mr Tharman was pronounced the successor to Singapore’s presidential office, marking his journey as the ninth president of Singapore.

From the 6,649 registered overseas voters:

  • 2,454 of 3,217 voters participated at the ten designated overseas polling stations.
  • Out of 3,432 registered postal voters, 2,997 successfully downloaded their postal ballots. However, only 1,345 met the 11th September 2023 deadline and were counted. A notable 1,652 ballots (55%) were unfortunately rejected due to late arrival.

In the overseas count, Tharman Shanmugaratnam clinched a significant 76.2% of the 3,799 votes. Ng Kok Song trailed behind with 15.7%, and Tan Kin Lian managed to secure 7.7%.

When merged with the local figures from 1 September 2023, the total vote count for the 2023 Presidential Election rose to 2,534,711, inclusive of 50,230 rejected votes.

This turnout corresponds to 93.55% of the 2,709,407 registered electors.

A breakdown of the cumulative valid votes indicates:

  • Ng Kok Song: 390,636 votes (15.72%)
  • Tharman Shanmugaratnam: 1,749,261 votes (70.41%)
  • Tan Kin Lian: 344,584 votes (13.87%)

Although Tharman Shanmugaratnam had already displayed a strong lead with 70.40% of the domestic votes, the overseas votes nudged his winning percentage up by 0.01%.

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Who cares? It’s a hopeless case.
I wanted to sell my citizenship but realise it has no resale value.

Enjoy your favorite pineapples.

Remember to have a spine.

Why does the garment allows this man to feed stray cats for more than 16 years? Anyone knows?

Why no fines ?

Time to hunt down those bad pineapple lovers who did smear campaigns about “pretty girls”.

Hope these culprit photos can be published in our local papers.

What do you think?

Wow, … Tharman’s like~ability and all too obvious pap lineage, is the preferred choice, even for SillyPoreans, … beyond the shores of the most expensive city on the planet !!!

olds. i’ve said it before. overseas sinkies are braindead pappies, even when most of them never paid taxes in SG and never paid a single cent into CPF…

some of them were even harassed by CPF after they fled commie china to hide in sillypore during the wuhan flu years, because CPF insisted that they(overseas pappies) owe CPF unpaid “pension” money!!!

Is this democratic? 200,000 over Singaporeans live abroad and only about 6,000 were allowed to vote? ELD came up with the requirement that Singaporeans must spend 30days in Singapore within a three year period. By doing this your birth right has been removed. Another 200 Singaporeans in Singapore were again not able to vote because of the incompetency of the ELD. If new citizens are allowed dual citizenship, then all Singaporeans should be allowed the same. Since we are denied voting rights in Singapore at least we can vote in another country.