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Singapore GrabFood rider caught drinking customer’s McDonald’s Milo on camera and delivers it

In a shocking incident in Singapore, a GrabFood rider was captured on camera drinking a customer’s McDonald’s Milo just moments before making the delivery. The customer shared the unsettling experience on TikTok, which quickly gained attention. Grab has responded by banning the delivery partner and issuing a full refund to the customer, assuring the public that this is an isolated incident not reflective of their delivery partners’ usual high standards.



SINGAPORE: In a startling incident, a GrabFood rider was caught on camera drinking a customer’s McDonald’s Milo just moments before delivering the order.

Unaware that he was being recorded by a surveillance camera, the rider nonchalantly sipped from the cup and then handed it over to the unsuspecting customer as if nothing had transpired.

The customer, left shocked by the incident, shared his unpleasant experience on TikTok (@haziquehibri), which quickly garnered attention among viewers.


can’t believe this is what ends up being my first ever TikTok 💀 #fooddelivery #grabfood #service #unclestengmymilo #unclecheckforpoison #goodbyeMILOver jumping back in to address some of the common questions you guys had: *Which part of the East?* this was from a Macs in Tamp *Drop his name?* According to some news sites that spoke with Grab, they’ve already banned him from the platform so I don’t think there’s a need to publicly share it. Delivery partners should just take note of this guy tho. *Camera?* To clarify, this was a camera integrated within the intercom system so he did this at the lift lobby, not in front of my door.

♬ original sound – haziquehibri – haziquehibri

In the video, the customer displayed footage from a CCTV camera that clearly captured the rider taking sips from the Milo cup, with the entire theft lasting about five seconds.

Initially, the customer thought that the rider had ordered his own drink while waiting for the food.

“Maybe [the rider] went to the counter and ordered his own drink while he was waiting for my food or whatever,” he said, at first, shrugging off the rider’s action.

However, when the customer opened the door to receive the order, he noticed that the rider had only one drink, which was the tampered Milo.

Describing the experience, the customer cringed and remarked, “the mouthpiece was so wet. I don’t know if it was saliva or sweat or a combination of that and spilled Milo, but that sh*t was nasty.”

After confronting the rider about the incident, the customer was met with a baffled response.

The rider, who had previously maintained a five-star rating on Grab, simply responded with “Huh?” when confronted with the evidence.

The customer, while acknowledging that delivery personnel can get thirsty during their shifts, expressed his displeasure at the rider’s actions.

“Just don’t pass me something that you put your lips on; I don’t want the lips of another man.”

“I wanted to whoop [the rider’s] ass, not gonna lie, but it would have been petty if I whooped his ass over a cup of Milo,” the customer said.

Subsequently, the customer contacted Grab and was granted a full refund for his order.

Additionally, he expressed his willingness to cooperate with food delivery platforms such as Foodpanda and Deliveroo in identifying the rider should they seek to investigate whether the same individual is working for them.

In response to inquiries from Mothership, Grab issued a statement:

“This is against our code of conduct, and we have banned the delivery partner from our platform on the day the incident was reported. We have also issued a full refund on the order to our user. We want to reassure the public that this is a one-off incident and does not reflect the high standards that our delivery partners uphold.”

Netizens baffled by rider’s action

While the majority of commentators express astonishment at the rider’s conduct, a few have voiced apprehensions regarding hygiene and the potential transmission of Covid-19, given that the virus remains prevalent in the community.

Some individuals are questioning the driver’s behavior, particularly why he chose to take a sip from the customer’s drink right in front of the customer’s doorstep, even if he had a desire to do so.

“…he did it right in front of the unit. It’s almost like he wanted to get caught,” they said.

Grab Singapore commented on the customer’s Instagram post, expressing their remorse for the incident and providing an update on the measures taken in response to the driver’s actions.

“We have already taken necessary actions on the delivery-partner involved,” it said.


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Issit a one off, or, … does he sample every delivery ?!!!

Such individuals are a threat, an endangerment and an embarrassment to the F&B industry !!!

It’s absolutely and entirely inexplicable !!!

Ppl who are too lazy to buy their own food, expects low ses folks who do such delivery NOT to behave this way?😆😆😆😆😆🤣🤣🤣

86% chance he did not vote TKL

Singaporeans are pampered.

How to do your National Service next time? tsk tsk tsk