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Acclaim abounds for heroic woman who rescued motorcyclist suffering a heart attack

In a heartwarming incident captured on video, a courageous woman’s quick response saves a motorcyclist suffering a heart attack in Klang. Online praise pours in for her heroic act of compassion.



heart attack

MALAYSIA: In a heartwarming display of humanity’s finest attributes, the online community is lauding a compassionate bystander whose swift response saved a motorcyclist believed to have suffered a heart attack.

The heart-touching video, thoughtfully shared by Facebook user Purushotaman S Palanisamy, captures a remarkable moment in which a courageous woman springs into action, administering chest compressions to a stricken motorcyclist at a roadside location, believed to be in the bustling town of Klang, Malaysia.

heart attack

(Photo: Facebook/Purushotaman S Palanisamy)

According to Purushotaman’s post, the motorcyclist’s ordeal unfolded when he suddenly experienced a heart attack while navigating the busy streets on his two-wheeler.

However, the true essence of kindness and community spirit shone brightly as Malaysians rallied to his aid without hesitation.

The video opens with a compassionate woman diligently performing chest compressions on the ailing gentleman.

Additionally, two other benevolent individuals lent their support, helping stabilize the man during this critical moment.

As the compassionate team’s efforts persisted, the motorcyclist was gently laid on his back, never ceasing the vital chest compressions until he was successfully revived, reawakening to a world that had momentarily faded away.

This remarkable incident unfolded on a fateful Tuesday (5 Sep), near a local petrol station in Klang, Malaysia.

The video has since been uploaded garnered a staggering 139,000 views and garnered an impressive 1,600 heartfelt reactions from social media users.

The online community has been quick to commend the woman’s rapid, unwavering response in the face of adversity.


Many users have also expressed their profound appreciation for the woman’s competence in performing CPR, emphasizing the crucial importance of acquiring first aid skills.

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One insightful user remarked that we should all consider learning first aid, recognizing its vital role in saving lives during unexpected emergencies.


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